drain noise following re-install of Insinkerator disposal

daytimeNovember 14, 2010

The disposal was moved from one drain to the other (left to right) of a double sink. It had been problem-free but just was on the wrong side for best cleanup. The work included getting bigger drain pipe as per code and replacing the filter on the nondisposal (left) side. When the glue for this work dried I noticed some new obnoxious noise from the left drain. Whenever water pours into either side of the sink the left drain makes noise.

When I told the plumber about the noise after several days he said he needed to check the air transfer gap. Would I need further expensive work or is this something that should have been taken care of under the original fee ($150 for 1/2 hour)?

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"...replacing the filter on the nondisposal (left) side."

Drains do not have filters.

"...check the air transfer gap."

The what?

A dishwasher air gap?

It is pretty hard to tell what was done and needs to be done from your description.

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What kind of new obnoxious noise? I'm thinking splashing/gurgling or wet sucking sounds as amoung the possible. If you can post a photo of the under-sink plumbing it might help with recommendations.
How long did you have to wait for glue to dry? It should have been near-instantaneous, and the plumber should have been able to check the quality of his work before he left.
Filter??? Air Transfer Gap???

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