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dorry2January 27, 2013

I am having a screened porch built,, using Azec porch floor, which is narrower than Azec decking and is tongue and groove. My understanding is azec porch should be laid on a slight decline of 1/4" to allow for drainage. My husband and I notice the floor did not appear to have this decline so he asked the contractor who said if it is on a deline, there will be an opening at the end of the screened porch to allow for drainage and will be a potential problem with bugs entering. Is this true? He claims he has an azec porch and has not had a problem with drainage. If the problem is an opening for drainage, couldn't a screen be put in place where the drainage holes are? I am concerned about rains, snow and drainage issues. Since this floor is tongue and groove, is there any way or room for water to drain? This is a second home so the house is unoccupied much of the year and I certainly would not want drainage issues and, possibly, compromise he integrity if the azec composite.

This is a big project and is quite expensive, so I would rather be proactive now rather than reactive later. I know very little about a screened porch construction, but I did some reading prior to making my decision on the azec porch vs, the azec decking. Maybe the recommendation for the 1/4" inch decline is for a porch that is not screened?? I might add this is in an area that has humid hot summers and cold winters with occasional snow and ice..

Please help.... I will be talking to him as early as tomorrow or Tuesday. I certainly do not want to put him on the defensive, but I need to know if this is standard practice. He does nice work and I am not in the trade, but at the same time, this is contrary to what I have read. Maybe we should go with the azec decking and save $2575, but I really like the look of the porch floor since it is a screened porch and not a deck. I also like the fact there are no visible nails on the floor.

Thank you, all, for your expertise and input!

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Haven't received any comments...maybe I provided too much information! Simply put, is it likely this porch will not drain since it is not pitched? Will the water sit and drain through the tongue and groove, or might it gravitate to the house, causing water problems??

I am really obsessing over this and the right thing to do. The contractor has already laid the floor joists. I don't want to use the deck boards since there will be gaps between the boArds and a potential bug problem, even with screening. If I go with the porch floor, which is what I want, I worry about the potential of having water damage neAr the house. for a visual, the porch will be exposed on three sides, with one side having the exit screened door. There will be pickets and aluminum or vinyl railings, and an overhang of at least one foot. Maybe I am obsessing needlessly and this is common practice to lay a porch floor without pitch if it is a screen porch.

Also, I am sure any warrant would be compromised if there a no pitch.thanks and waiting to hear from you professional contractors.

Thank you

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It needs to be pitched no matter what from my perspective.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

I'm late, and not a professional, but we are replacing over 1000 sq ft of decking, and grading AKA slanting is important! To keep the bugs out you could (ugly) put a strip of woven hardware cloth between the deck and the opening.... This is no fun! Very expensive! We opted for pressurized wood in place of Azek because of the price and the many square feet of decking we have to install.

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