Centerset vs minispread

loveall8November 17, 2012

Hi everyone, quick question:

Are centerset and minispread the same? Since they both say they fit 4inches, can I use a minispread faucet for pre drilled holes made for centerset faucets?

Thanks in advanced.

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Sophie Wheeler

A 4" centerset faucet is an entire unit. A mini spread is individual components. They will use the same counter drilling pattern. The drawback to minispread is that the holes are so close together that it's difficult to clean in between the components--unlike a widespread which has 8" in between the components.

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Thank you hollysprings!

Unfortunately I did not realize that my home builder would be drilling holes for centerset faucets! We were planning to replace the faucets ourselves to save costs afterwards. But now that my countertops are permanently drilled for centerset faucets, I cannot get wide spread faucets :(

Widespread faucets are definitely easier to clean and look much better. So mini spread is the closest I can get to the widespread look.

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