Need pointers from plaster expert about colored plaster!

colleenkayMarch 23, 2014

We are really interested in having a pool built with a colored plaster. Preferably a light to medium grey. We are in southeast Texas and it is hot, so we do not want it to be too dark. It will be 31/2 to 5 foot depth lagoon style. Will a medium grey be too dark in your opinion? I understand that there are some better quality Fade-resistant colored plasters out there now! Is this true?? Is so, what are they. I see Quartzscapes puts out a "Colorspaces". Not sure how quality it is. But I'm sure there are better ones out there. Also, are there methods that we should be aware of?? I know mixing and application are key and I have also heard something about applying on a sunny day or is it NOT to apply on a sunny day?? I just really need some expert advice. I also know that there are going to be some pool workers out there that show up at 7 am and do not know what they are doing! I want to to have some knowledge to know if what they are doing is right! And looking on the internet, well, the advice is really outdated and mixed. Any advice and info that we can get from someone who has dealt with this process will be greatly appreciated!! I do understand that plain plasters are not as strong as quartz and pebble tec etc..
Thank you very much for any info. We will be building in a month!!

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For the least expensive option, try using a grey plaster (Black Sand or Black Marble - marcite). The water will look bluer. There are a lot of options out there, but my opinion is look for a premixed product for consistent application. If it is mixed onsite, I have found the finishes to be inconsistent inside the pool

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Thank you!!

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Just know and expect you will get mottling and crazing cracks over time. Much easier for application problems with dark plasters.
Easier to see with dark plasters.
Not to say it can not be done perfect, but it is rare.
Search Plaster council for recommendations on proper install.

I personally stay clear of colored plasters.

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Is a quartz plaster better? If it were your pool would you go with a white 100percent quartz plaster or a light grey 100 percent quartz plaster?

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