WetEdge pool colors

RonniemccMarch 12, 2012

I am looking for pics, advise, and/or opinions on the use of WetEdge Pearl Matrix colors. I am leaning towards the New Zealand Tropical color but I would like to see more pics. I was initially only looking at PebbleTec but their base priced colors didn't interest me and the $1500.00 dollar up charge for the "premium" colors didn't either. From what I gather WetEdge is just as good as PebbleTec but costs less so that is why I am now looking at their products.

Thanks for any help,

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Hi Ronniemcc - I'm getting wetedge Satin Matrix tomorrow. I'm not sure if the colors are similar between Pearl and Satin. I'm getting a mix of Antigua and Midnight Sea. It is suppose to be similar to Pebble Tec Blue Granite. I'll post pics once it is filled.

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Here's a pic of the color we chose. It is the Wet Edge Satin Matrix. They are doing the acid wash as I type. Very exciting.

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I have chosen WetEdge Pearl Matrix in the Tropical New Zealand color. I also am having them add the abolone shell for the sparkling effect. They prepped yesterday and was going to apply today but got put off until tomorrow due to rain. I am excited to get it done and see what the final product looks like.

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