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jonicMarch 27, 2012

ok folks its now 2012 and we have decided to build a small pool and spa in southern cal., so we got 3 quotes and after a lot of reading on my part I think I have the pool equipment list to where I want it and as listed below.

My dilemma is the finish, 2 of the 3 quotes are based on products by NPTGonline and particularly Stonescapes and Quartzscapes, the finish of the 3rd quote is PebbleTec and the quote is $10,000 more expensive. I have spent a lot of time trying to find an up-to-date review of the Quartzscapes or the Stonescapes finish and it's comparison to PebbleTec in terms of looks and durability. I realize that the 3rd quote may be high but my question is this: is Stonescapes or Quartzscapes inferior to PebbleTec and if so why. I would love feedback from anyone who has experience with these NPTG products.

Pool Equip List:

Pentair Mastertemp 400 Htr

Pentair Clean and Clear filter CCP320

Pentair Variable speed pump Pool/Spa

Pentair 3/4hp water feature pump (2 spillways)

Pentair 1/2hp pool circ pump

2 pool returns 1 pool skimmer

1 bubbler in tanning shelf(maybe)

Pool and Spa total 15,000gals

Any help with the finish would be appreciated.



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Nothing compares to Peb-Tec for looks and durability. That's why it's so expensive.
The quartz products are very good also.
The applicator of the various products is the key. Make sure your applicator is experienced in whatever you choose. Most Peb-Tec applicators are well trained because Peb-Tec controls who purchases their product. The quartz products are generally sold to any plaster contractor and sometimes the training leaves a little to be desired.

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We have diamond brite in our quote and it is only about 1000 to upgrade to pebble tec/sheen. We want the quartz because it is less abrasive. We are doing a sports pool so expect people to contact the pool surface a lot.

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Thanks guys for the input, from my research I agree that the applicator is the key regardless of the product. I am torn between mini pebble or the smoother Quartzscape but cant seem to find anything that exactly describes the Quartzscape finish, is it perfectly smooth or like orange peel, does it look like pebble when the water is in. Is there anyone out there who has this finish?. Is it durable, does it crack?.
So many questions.....

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Jonic, what did you decide to use and are you happy? We are trying to decide between Quartzscape and Pebble Sheen and are in quite the dilema right now. Any input would help. Thanks!

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I'm curious too what you decided to use. We're debating between Quartzscape and Pebble Sheen. Our prices are very comprable...the PS is just slightly higher.

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