A few Questions for bobinbaltimore, if you are still around

megankheapsMarch 6, 2011


I saw your pool thread and your project turned out lovely. We are in Carroll Co, MD and are in the middle of our pool build. Back Yard Creations out of Frederick is doing the job. We, like you, will not be spending the extra money on PT, PF, PS, or Diamondbrite. We got quotes on Fina and it was over 9K, Tec was pushing 11K. We have 30 homes in my neighborhood and we will be the 16th in-ground pool and only 1 pool has an alternative finish. We decided that we would rather have a fire pit and some other extras over the expensive finish. Since we sort of have the same landscape I wanted to see if you were still liking the blue-grey color you added to your plaster. What do I ask my builder for if I want to get that color? It is hard to get an idea of what it looks like in say an Arizona pool b/c the landscape and designs are so different than what we have here. I saw the pics but sometimes it is hard to tell what things really look like in pics. Does that color make the water any shade of green? I am trying to avoid green water at all costs. I want blue water. Can you see things on the bottom? (I have 2 small children, so that is a worry). We are doing the LED color changing lights.

Where did you get your post lanterns? I love the idea. We will have a 32' dolphin slide built into a hill and I plan to have the builder run lights up the along the rock steps but I am not sure it will be enough light. As you know it is raining here today and they are supposed to come back out to begin the remainder of the work this week. We are getting really excited. I will post pics of my project progress on this site soon.

We have the same coping as you and are doing an exposed aggregate decking. The tile is grey with some shades of blue running through it and the slide will be medium grey. We also have grey stone on the spa.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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