New Pool Build in Ohio - some questions for you all....

Hutch9March 25, 2013

I'm a longtime reader and lurker. I appreciate all of the info. and knowledge that is shared on these boards.

I believe we've finally decided to take the plunge and get a pool. We started the process late in the summer of 2012 and met with 6 local pool builders. We had hoped to have it installed in the fall of 2012, but due to some timing issues, we weren't able to get it done. So now we are looking at an April 2013 build and have narrowed it down to 2 builders. We met with one of the builders over the weekend and are scheduled to meet with the other tonight. We are in Northwest Ohio (Toledo)

I wanted to get everyone's opinion on everything that we are looking to do and get some input on the options, etc:

16'x38'x28' L Shaped Pool
20 mil vinyl liner
4 returns, 2 skimmers, 2 main drains

3 LED lights
Diving Board
Solar Cover
Auto-pool cleaner
Mesh winter cover
All electrical work
All gas work
All cleaning supplies
720 square feet of concrete (extra concrete will be $4/SF)
Cantilever concrete coping
3 sleeves/cups in the concrete for basketball and volleyball
They'll reinstall my split rail fence, haul away excess dirt, fill the pool, close it the first year,

Hayward Max-Flo VS pump
250,000 BTU heater (Hayward H-250FDN)

Now... I also have some decisions to make and would greatly appreciate everyone's input and suggestions:

Walls - I have the option of the steel walls or polymer walls. The cost difference between the two is nominal. I'm torn on what to do... our soil is clay (if that helps) What do you suggest.. steel or polymer?

Sanitization - We've been set on salt water since the fall; however, he told us that he's now offering the UV system by Delta. I've done some online research here and see many people saying that it's a waste. He indicated that the UV system would be supplemented with a cholorine system. Does that make a difference between your opinion on whether to do salt vs. UV? The salt system is PL-P4 Pro Logic System.

Filter - Of the 6 builders we initially met with, it was 50/50 on sand or cartridge as what they recommend. I'm open to either and suggestions from everyone.... given the size of our pool and the mechanicals, I was hoping for some input from all of you. If we go with sand, it would be the Hayward S244T2.. if we go cartridge, it would be the Hayward C17502.

Also.. is the 250,000 BTU heater sufficient?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hey it looks great....
will you upload some pics of your constructing pool...

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Steel walls would be my choice polymer walls tend to warp and don't give you those straight lines on the pool. I change about 40 liners in pools per season and the steel walls very seldom show any type of corrosion and some of these pools are 20yrs plus old. Go with the salt system the UV will cause staining down the road...If I had to pick between sand or a cartridge filter I would go with sand...Do some research on DE fiters to me they are the best of both worlds and that is what I have on my personnel pool and as a builder I could have any filter I want... also if it were me I would look at Pentair equipment. For the heater if you not planning on swimming in Dec look at a heat pump rather than gas....250,000 BTU should be fine other than that...


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Have to disagree on 250000btu being sufficient. We have a pool in SE MI slightly smaller than your dimensions with a 250000btu NG heater. It will raise the water temp about 1 degree an hour. I guess if you are going to keep it at temp all the time it may be ok. We heat it when it is warm out and the water is cold and it takes too long to get to a comfortable temp. No one wants to swim at our house when it is cold out even if the pool is warm. Never heard of people using heat pumps in this area.

Agree with muddy_water on the equipment. We have Pentair and a DE filter and love it all. 11 years no issues other than one pump seal.

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