toilet bubbling first when flushed

tc123November 29, 2011

I just moved into a condo that is about 9 yrs old and noticed that one of the toilets when you flush it there are a few large air bubbles coming up from the toilet first as the water is entering the bowl from ther rim. Is this common or is there a problem ?

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I suspect problem. After the toilet's trap, there is nothing but air in the gravity-drop line to the street or tank. If you're getting bubbles upon flushing, that would indicate an obstruction that isn't allowing the water to pass in the volume/time it needs to pass normally. Compressed/displaced air is bubbling back.

Such things can go on indefinitely without a problem or they can create serious heartburn in short order. No way to tell how yours will go. Could be it will clear itself, although unlikely. 100% solution is to clear it out now. Alternative is to wait until more or total blockage occurs. Everyone has different ideas about what should be done -- act or wait.

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It may just be the design of the bowl. While most bowls used for residential service have the bowl water inlets in a ring under the top lip, some also have a port at the base of the bowl on the front that directs a stream of water towards the trapway to start the flush. With that type of bowl as the water enters it pushes the in the port ahead and causes those bubbles just before the water reaches the bottom port.

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Thank You for all your help.

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I have the same thing with a Kohler toilet. As soon as you flush a large air bubble pops from the center of the toilet. It does not seem to affect anything and I have never had any problems....

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