Yet another water conditioning equipment sizing request

kaoswebNovember 14, 2013

New Softener Needed! Alice & Justalurker Please Help!

(Edited for easier reading and just the facts)

Lab results just came back... Total Coliforms hit, so need to fix. My game plan is as follows - advice welcome.

shock system, install UV light - need softer water for UV light, so will also install a softener.

Lab results below.

Calculated Analytes
Hardness (Calc) 243 0.662 0.0657 mg/l

Metals by EPA 200 Series Methods
Arsenic Calcium 52.3 0.100 mg/l
Copper Iron Magnesium 27.2 0.100 mg/l
Manganese Sodium 4.20 0.400 mg/l

Conventional Chemistry Parameters by SM/EPA Methods
Nitrate as N pH @ 20.7 C 7.95
Total Dissolved Solids 164 20.0 mg/l

Microbiological Parameters by APHA Standard Methods

E. Coli Total Coliforms 1.0 1.0 MPN/100 ml

Some household info.

- 4 people (wife, 2 younger daughters, and myself)
- Variable speed well pump keeps me around ~12 gallons per minute flow give or take regardless of outlets opened
- An 80 gal soaker tub - not used much
- Master shower is rain head with secondary sprayer
- Well is 420ft

Many thanks...

Been using Gary's calc -

I come up with 1.5-2 cube - 1.5 is staying with 60 gallons, bumping it to 65 person/day hits 2 cube.

I was going to go 2 cube - and move up to 7000 vs 5600 valve as I would be bumping 5600 limits with 2 cubes.

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Go with a 2 cuft softener. Your water conditions and usage place you on the bubble between two softener sizes and you have a couple of high-water-use fixtures.

Make sure you ask for:
1. gravel underbed
2. top basket
3. high quality resin (not Chinese)
4. installation/startup instructions

Once you have your softener, I can help with programming if you wish.

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Thanks Alice... softener is in, went with the 2 cubes, gravel underbed, high quality resin, etc.

Any other info to help with the programming, just ask. Thanks so much.

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