Seeking pool repairman SW Houston 77469

taylor8810March 30, 2012

Lurker coming in from the cold, seeking help. I live in the Richmond, Texas. I am having difficulty with my Hayward Series H 250 natural gas heater. It is 3 years old, hardly used, but on the 3rd display control board. We get the CE error. This last board put in today let us at least toggle through pool, spa, etc. but still displays CE. At this point I am ready to try getting a repairman to diagnosis why CE and why a new board did not fix the problem. Last year the repairman just said it's easier to replace than fix, which is how I found this forum. I know there are several well thought of pool builders on this forum, can you recommend a repairman or service? Thanks for all the advice I have been soaking up.


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Flipp, I did post there over a week ago and didn't get much help. I did post under pool heaters and that's where the problem is. Maybe I should have posted on a different forum at TFP.. I posted here because of the feedback I saw given about some local builders that do a real good job. Hoping, someone would want a really good service company to do repairs is necessary. Do any of those builders do service calls for repair. Thanks, Put in board number 3 today, pool will be 4 yrs. old in Oct 12. New board reads CE but it does allow toggling between pool, spa, and standby.

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When I've had something I couldn't figure out, I call Miller Pools. They were subcontracted out to do my "pool school" when I built my pool. I don't use them to clean my pool since I do it myself, but I do order chemicals, etc. from them (since they deliver for free!) They are nice and very helpful. I don't know if they do things like heaters, but it's worth a call.

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