Correct Deck vs. Timber Tech

lydia1959January 24, 2009

We started getting bids today for a room addition plus a small deck and stairs. The contractor says he uses Timber Tech and claims it about the same as Correct Deck. I have read many very good reviews (here and at other forums)of Correct Deck and that is what I 'thought' I wanted.

Should I insist on the Correct Deck or just go with the Timber Tech since that is what the contractor uses? Which is the better product? TIA

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Both make more than one product. Which two are you comparing?

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The Correct Deck CX and I don't know which Timber Tech product he was talking about. He did say he didn't like to use the TT railings.. because they sometimes warped (I think that is what he said anyhow)? He suggested white vinyl for the railings, which I definately do not want.

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I think TimberTech XLM is comparable to the CorrectDeck CX - but TimberTech makes other products so check with your contractor. I looked at both when I had my deck installed. I liked the look of the CX sightly better but my contractor had bad experience with CorrectDeck in the past - and a local lumber yard had the XLM in stock at a good price so I went with that.

My deck doesn't have a railing so I can't help you with that. Both do have hidden fastener systems and 12inch trim boards available.

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imho CorrectDeck CX is the better buy. vs. XLM, it's a little more reasonably priced, has been around a little longer, and has better slip resistance esp for stairs.

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Whatever you use, ask FIRST if the product contains any wood flour (fine sawdust). If it does, DO... NOT... USE... IT. (Repeat this to yourself 3 times) Wood flour products fade, stain, absorb water and rot, and mold. There are other decking products that do not contain wood that are not subject to the same issues. -- Mike

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Mike - can you tell me if the Timbertech or the CorrectDeck have the wood flour??

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What's the current wisdom on this question? We are redoing the deck this summer and are also facing the choice between the two brands.

Two different contractors bidding for the work recommended Timbertech XLM (or "twin"?) One of them said, CorrectDeck "went bancrupt" because of "quality problems", and was aqcuired by Gaf... This is a bit strange, because Consumer Reports still recommends them (they prefer plastic, but CorrectDeck CX got their top score among composite materials).

There are also products by "Veranda" (HomeDepot) and "Trexx"... Any opinions on them?

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Do Not Belive Anything Consumer Report Mag says about construstion.

Reread. Again. Write it down put it on your forehead and read it backwards.

If you want Quality manmade go with Moisture Shield,Timber Tech. J.

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Wow, this is an old post of mine. We ended up going with the Correct Deck and have been very pleased with it. We chose metal railings instead of composite.

The contractor was impressed with the Correct Deck as well.

Here is a photo (there is a railing on that side of the stairs now).

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