porch decking structure with brick ledge help

stitz_crewJanuary 18, 2014

We are near the start of building a house and I had a couple questions regarding structure for a wrap around porch. The porch will a wrap around on the front and right side of house. There is a walkout basement that supplies the garage on the left side.

I am trying to figure out the best method for running the deck structure from the house to the piers/beam of porch. Normally this would be pretty straight forward but our house will have a complete brick veneer and I don't want to interfere too much with the brick ledge with a ledger board. I would like to avoid drilling through the brick to install a ledger board on the outside.

The joists of the floor are scheduled at 16" floor trusses. Span of deck joists would be 9'6" from ledger to beam.

Two Questions:

1. What is the best method for attaching a porch to house when dealing with a brick veneer with the brick ledge at the top of foundation wall? (new construction where brick is not already installed)

2. Can I space 2x10 deck joists greater then 24 o.c. if I run perpendicular 2x6 on top at 16" o.c.? This would allow for decking to be installed perpendicular to house wall. ~10' lengths (with 16" floor joists and sill plate, this would give me good finished height using 5/4" decking)

Option 2 would let the 2x10 joist bear on top of the foundation wall and avoid the weight being supported solely by joist hangers.

If you have read this far, I like the idea of having decking perpendicular to the house to avoid butt seams in the middle of the porch and possibly minimize the number of 2x10 joists interfering with brick. Either way I want to make my spacing 16" o.c. to minimize sagging of decking.

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated so I can be knowledgeable when talking with contractors and guarantee a better end result.


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You don't want to put a ledger board over masonry, as it doesn't offer sufficient support.

The solution is to make the deck (porch) free-standing, but butting up to the house. Depending on how high off the ground it is, you may need some cross-bracing between the posts and the beams to stabilize it.

Decking perpendicular to the house is no problem, just run the joists parallel to the house. No need for a whole thicket of joists supporting those, just a few well-placed beams.

Something like this:

Here's one where we braced it:

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