Please vote on grout color for my tumbled Noce backsplash.

xoxosmomMarch 1, 2008

When I bought my tile for the backsplash I went with what they had in stock. Wouldn't you guess, I ran out of time because I procrastinated on my decision.

I told them I wanted the backsplash to blend into the background not standout. They told me to use a matching grout because if I used a lighter grout the grout becomes part of the design instead of blending. Now I am afraid it is going to be too dark in my space the granite is Ornamental Giallo. The tumbled Noce matches the darker color of my floor tile. I have a bag of that grout left from the floor tile installation, so now I am wondering if I should use that instead.

Choice 1: Darker grout, Summer Wheat which should blend more.

Choice 2: Lighter grout, Canvas which I was warned would make it stand out in a brick pattern, along with the pattern of the stone will show more.

Here is a pic of the tile when I was playing around with layout and an old pic of my kitchen before granite and door..

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Since you are using 4x4 tiles, I think the angled layout looks better. Something about doing the 4x4 in a subway look doesn't seem right to me since the tiles are "stubby" this way.

As for the grout, I'd go with either a matching color or one very slightly darker. Preferably the latter. Lighter grout with darker tiles doesn't appeal to me; it just seems backwards, but it's your space.

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In Custom's grouts (at Home Depot) look at Haystack, Fawn, or Sandstone.

From Mapei, look at Malt, Mocha, or Chamois.

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Here's the look with light grout:

I think thats the same stone as yours. I used the light grout to go with the cabinets, but I'm not sure that is the look for you! It would go with your granite though!

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After playing with layout we decided to do the regular stacked with diagonal and accents behind the stove. I haven't seen the tile installer as of yet so he may have a different suggestion.

As far as grout goes thanks for the pics socabeth. I love that the lighter grout makes the Noce's irregularities stand out, I am just not sure that it will work in my kitchen.
Bill V, your the best, thank you for those suggestions.

I will update once I talk with our tile guy and ask his opinion. Anybody else care to post an opinion of grout color?

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Hi there! My two cents worth: because of your cabinets are stained darker, I would go with the darker grout. PS -I love the diagonal pattern.

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Here is the Mapei Chamois with the tumbled noce.

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I have summer wheat with my floor tile.
Close up shot

Whole floor, clean

I love it because it doesn't show dirt. Perfect for a floor!!!!

Kitchen started 9/06, finished 12/22/06 (just in time for family Christmas!)

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Socabeth...I LOVE your tiles - color, grout, design and all! I am just beginning to learn about they have a name and color (the light ones)? Does the grout have a name too? Thanks!

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I am installing a polished noce travertine and will be using Tec grout in a sand color. It is slightly lighter than the tile.

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We are in the same boat. We may have even installed the exact same tile as you. The tumbled Noce from Home Depot. I believe ours says Antique Gold on the box so it is slightly yellowish but with a variety of tones between the boxes. Anyway, I installed it last week and it looks awesome without the grout. The first grout test we did was the Canvas color and we didn't like it at all. Too light. Plus I installed it the traditional way with the float and it filled in the 'wormholes' too much. We prefer the look of the holes so our next test will be with a pastry type bag for grout and just to squeeze the grout in the gaps to minimize filling it the holes. We think we will try a darker color, I think it's called Nutmeg, and this matches our maple cabinets and uba tuba granite pretty well. We'll see, otherwise I was thinking of just sealing the bottom gap with silicone and leaving it ungrouted because it looks so good as is. I have not found anyone to do that though so I guess I'll continue my test with the darker grout and being more careful with it. if I can figure out how to post a pic, I will do so.

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I think the summer wheat they sold me will be darker than what I am looking for. And from your reports canvas will be too light. I am getting ready to run by our hardware store to check on what colors they have and if I can pick up the sanded siliconized acrylic latex caulk while I am at it. I just wish I was more sure of the grout color I want. I don't want dark but I dont want light either. Maybe sand or chamois or ???

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Sully, I'm pretty sure it's tumbled noce. There are other names for the same stone, so I can find them out for you if you like. It just looks a lot different with the light grout. It is hard to picture which is why I sent the pic to xoxosmom. I don't think it would look right in her kitchen. Darker grout would look better with the darker cabinets IMO! I don't know the name of the grout color but it is almost white and changes the look completely. But thanks for the compliment!

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Riverwade I would really like to see a pic if you get a chance.

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Bill V: The tile place has polyblend grout and will get the matching caulk. So which color would you recommend to blend with the Noce? Haystack, Fawn, or Sandstone? Or are they all basically the same? I read on epinion's complaint's that Polyblend grout dries lighter then the sample?

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Ya know, I gotta get better lighting in this room!! You're right-- they may be too light. #105 Earth should be just about a perfect match. Even if it dries a shade light, it should still look good.

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We decided on polyblend sandstone #180. will try and post pic. Still left to do are to seal, and caulk which we did buy the matching caulk by polyblend. We also want to look into using a color enhancer which I think will make it look better as well.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks for the pic, that looks great

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We also have Noce tile for our backsplash. We used fawn and it is gorgeous. We have cherry cabinetry. It is dark enough to enhance the color of the noce but not so dark that it is overpowering. I love this color on ours. Now, we are doing a travertine floor in the adjacent room to match. Lizinnh

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Sure would love to see updated pics on these....

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Hi Guys,

Same problem, but I picked Flextile grout (UGH) and wrong one.... I like Haystack, Fawn or Sandstone....can Lizinnh please post her pics...curious to see your kitchen backsplash and what the original person here ended up picking...thanks stumped here...
Lisa :)

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I am in France and have just put in lovely Spanish tiles but can't agree on the grout colour.There seems to be a greater range in Us.Anyone know of anywhere near Perpignan that I can get sand coloured grout?We are near border with Spain but I don't have much Spanish and the only shop I know seem to be on holiday

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