Tendura Shipping/Quality Issues - Updates...Tonyg????

big_texJanuary 7, 2007

Has anyone tried ordering Tendura during the past 90 days? I've had an Tendura order (Classic) in the system since October and I still don't have any product. This has been an extremely frustrating experience. My house is done but I'm waiting on my front porch deck. If it doesn't show up this week I'm canceling my order.

Has anyone else had similar issues? Tendura claims they switched plants and had to retool. I work in high tech and we move plants and retool all the time. Never has it taken more than two weeks to move a million square feet of shop space.

Is this a blessing in disguise? I know about the horror stories but Tendura claims to have changed the product. It now comes with a bead between the grooves to allow for proper ventilation. I have to say I love the look and itÂs a perfect fit for our project. I just hope it works.

If anyone knows the real story please share. I'm wondering if I'm the only one struggling. Has anyone tried the new Tendura with the bead?

See New Tendura below. Click on link and scroll down.


TenduraÂs Enhanced TenduraPlank features a spacer bead on the plankÂs tongue that automatically creates the required expansion joints. The new beaded tongue is available in both Classic and Solids Collection.


Big Tex

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Ol Tex Person,,If you can get out of buying that stuff,Do It Now. For more reasons than I cal list here tendura is one of the highest risk gambles in a composite stacked deck. John

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Seriously considering it... What a shame, it looks so good. Why are you so against it?

What do you recommend as a replacement? We've built a classic east coast style of home. Large front porch, ceiling fans, rockers, etc... My wife really wants to paint the porch deck. I don't mind a little maintenance. I just want something that won't warp or split... We live in Texas where it gets very hot. Suggestions?


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I actually found this site looking for info on tendura one of my Customers wanted that look as well.

A quick read of the instalation instructions put up the first red flag, Im sure you have read them. The 1/4" per ft fall in the frame ( or more ),the temp requirements , spacing, storage,fastening,ultra vintalation, drainage. If a person dosent follow all of the instructions to the milli second the warenty is void. There are just too many things that can go wrong with that stuff. It is defently not made for any high heat area or exposure to water in any large volume, like a Texas downpour.

My Customer decided to go with T&G ipe. John

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Can IPE be painted?


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We used Tendura on our screen porch and front porch. It paints easily and looks great!It was installed late 2004. I would be interested to read about the improved version....i will check out website.

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After reading the internet it appears IPE can not be painted. What do I do???? The wife wants a painted porch? Someone please recommend a porch (wood) material.

Damn those Tendura people! They've sold my wife on that look.


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A person can paint most any composite. Choice or moisture sheild both come to mind.

Have you already framed for tendura? if so you have a lot of fall in the framing and the deaking will have to run at a 90 degree from the house.

Ipe can be painted,that one Customer pulled it off,but I would never do it.

It might be a good thing to question the soo poster for details, them being so happy with it and all. I my self would not recemond tendura. John

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I have been testing paints on Garapa decking. Though I hate to cover such a great looking natural material, paint does well with it. George@eastteak

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I called them at 1-800-TENDURA, they say it is shipping again and also has an improved design.

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While Tendura was out of production for several weeks, we are in production once again and moving forward to meet the high demand for our products. We do apologize for any inconvenience that our delays may have caused. We moved our production facility this past fall to better meet the growing demand for our products. While some businesses can move and resume operations in a relatively short period of time, our extended timeframe for resuming operations were directly related to the relocating procedures and quality control required to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality product possible. Our product upgrades to include predrilled fastening holes and a built-in expansion spacer bead make the product easier to install and completely eliminated the installation errors previously made by installers.

As with any product, a correct installation is required in order for the product to perform as it is designed. Unfortunately, they are not always followed. Although the instructions are very detailed, the installation and requirements are actually very simple. Please feel free to contact me at 800-836-3872 if you have any questions concerning the product. I will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

Tony Galloway

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Seems like its always the installer's fault with composite. Never the product. John

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I've decided to keep the Tendura. I will say the installation requirements far exceed the normal procedure. The sleeper system and pitch are quite demanding and you have to plan aggressively in the beginning.

That said Tendura is a damn good looking product. They better stand behind this product since it requires several modifications to the porch structure. Since I've already planned for the sleeper and have invested in the lumber I'm going to stick with the Tendura.

Ultimately the main reason I stuck with Tendura is the dealers say they apparently modified the compound/formula that's in Tendura Classic. I think they're using a less expansive plastic in the mixture. This is obviously great news. This along with the spacer bead and pre-drilled holes should help with expansion.

I'll let everyone know how the install goes. I just hope it looks 80% as good as the pictures on their webpage. That's the look we're trying to achieve and if it works we should be satisfied.


Big Tex

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I used Tendura on my front porch in 2003 and just love it! I live in upstate NY. Cold, snowy winters and hot, rainy summers and have not had any problems. All my neighbors and anyone who has seen it just love it and wants to know what it is. I'm sure you will be very happy with your decision! I know I am.


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How are the tendura installations holding up?

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3 years later and ONE GIANT Tendura disaster... Oh...if I had only listened. Interestingly enough I have no warping issues. My problem is the paint won't hold and the material is disintegrating into dust. It's literally falling apart as you rub it. The sun hits the deckÂthe paint peelsÂit rainsÂthe deck turns into mushÂdrys and flakes away.

I now need to redo my entire deck.

Any suggestions on a what material I should use for a deck that will be painted? Should I continue to pursue T&G or avoid it?

Please help....

Big Tex

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