My glasses keep breaking in the Dishwasher

olivertwistkitchenMarch 23, 2013

Does anyone else have this problem? Regular drinking glasses, not wine glasses. Happened in the previous dishwasher too. Is it me? DH claims my glasses are thin and cheap, but it happens to all our glasses, not just the cheap Target ones.

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Whoa. I have cheap-ish glasses but I've never had anything break in the DW.

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Knock on wood - not broken glasses in our DW. Miele
I put in my Waterford, Riedel, general glasses.
In our old DW - I think I remember breaking a few when I put them into the DW - I retired that set.

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Are you sure you're putting them on the top rack and anchoring them so they don't bang into other dishes or glassware? Just a thought, but other than that, I can't imagine why they're breaking.

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Never. In any dishwasher anywhere I've ever lived.

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Only once, though I remember thinking there were mitigating circumstances not just the DW to blame.

Can you post some pics of your glasses, the DW rack, and maybe what it looks like loaded? Maybe someone will have some insight if they see it.

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Never in my life. I'm not particularly careful, either. Are said glasses dw-safe?

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I have never had a glass break in a dishwasher. And we have moved a lot and had a bunch of different dishwashers. Our original glasses when we first got married were thin and cheap and none of those broke In a dishwasher, though many broke in the sink or on the countertop being dropped a couple of inches. (We now have very heavy glasses from a Williams Sonoma Outlet and none of those have broken in a dishwasher either.)

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My leaded clear glass coffee cups all broke and I was told not to but any leaded glass in the dishwasher or microwave. It usually doesn,t break them the first time but they get more and more brittle.

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Nope, me either, but I set them leaning along the top rows, not impaled on a post. When people (not to mention any names: DD) put glasses so they are moving around a little post, I change them. Not that this prevents anything, I'm probably just OCD.

Interesting about the lead crystal. I do wash my crystal by hand, but when I was a bride-to-be, many decades ago, I remember a Gorham representative at a bridal show saying that we should use our fine crystal daily and put it in the dishwasher. Of course, if they break, they sell more. I remember hearing that lead crystal should be used regularly so it doesn't become brittle. Any p-chemists out there to verify this?

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Could it possibly be that one of the spray arms is hitting the glassware. Is it only on the top rack?

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I had a gorgeous set of thick amber tumblers that all cracked in the DW, before I realized that was the problem. They looked as if they'd been carved out of ice, kind of wavy on the outside, and every one cracked in a spiral pattern. They were a gift--I don't remember where they were made, or what company sold them, BUT if ever I find another set, I'd be happy to wash them by hand.

My cheap, thin glasses did not break in the DW--they were done in by human hands.

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If it happened in two DW's, then I have to say that you or your method of loading would seem to be the common denominator. Show us some pics of how you load.

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hmmm. maybe I should just blame DH...

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I've had some crack and break, usually the thinner ones or if I loaded them too tight between the tines in the dishwasher.

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Never had one break.

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I think a spray arm is hitting them. I know this because I did it once, long ago. Load a few items and then get down eye level with the dishwasher opening and a flashlight and turn all the arms.

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Just a thought but how hot is the water in the DW? If there is a sudden temperature change, glass is going to break. Maybe your hot water heater is close to the kitchen and set too high? Just throwing that out as a possibility.

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Never had one break with three different DWs, Always use extra hot water. All my glasses are cheap.

It must be the way you are loading but I often have glasses touching each other.

The glasses, (all things) should be secure (can't move). Do not overload. Make sure the arms can move freely.

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