Planning for standby generator

jimracNovember 3, 2011

Hi all,

W are now thinking of having a standby generator installed fro our home, and placed near our a/c compressors. Our home is heated with natural gas adn so, I gather the unit would be gas powered.

Now, would the professionals just tap the present gas line thats running to our meter to divert some of the gas to the unit? I am not sure the size of your piping, but I would think it was the standard size for a house that was built in 1964. The meter isnt far from the area to where its going, about 20, 25 feet or so..Would they now have to run all new piping from the street, bigger piping? etc.

Just curious and trying to educate myself, what would the process be and maybe some of the issues in obtaining the natural gas source?

Thank you,


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Each installation presents its own challenges... or not.

Best to get a couple or three estimates from NG licensed plumbers for the gas work and licensed electricians for the transfer connections.

Pull permits and do it legal.

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The size of the generator and how much gas it uses will determine whether you have sufficient flow with your current meter. You may be fine as is.

The rest of the piping will be a plumbing issue.

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