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xkjnxNovember 28, 2012

Hello all,

I'm in the process of building a new home. Somewhere along the line I decided to tackle my water softener needs myself rather than again use a local 'professional'. Doing my research I've discovered that it isn't all that simple as I had imagined. I like the Fleck 7000 SXT. I have had my water tested and will post the results below. Any assistance or comments will be appreciated.

I have 1.5" poly feed coming from the well into the house and converts to a 1.5" schedule 40 PVC and goes through a Rusco spin down sediment filter. Most of the home is done with 1" PEX. GPM test resulted with 38 GPM @ 60psi (before filter). I have an unusually large shower with several heads as well as a jacuzzi tub. 4 people living in the home.

Total Coliform Bacteria Not detected
E-Coli Bacteria Not detected
pH 8
TDS 275 ppm
Alkalinity 230 ppm
Manganese Not detected
Sulfates Not detected
Turbidity .87 Units
Nitrates Not detected
Nitrites Not detected
Nitrate/Nitrites Total Not detected
Hardness 120 ppm
Iron .35 ppm

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Your test results would indicate a 1.25 cubic foot softener. However, given your jacuzzi tub and multi-head shower, you would likely be unhappy with the water flow from that size softener an would see some hardness leakage when using those items.

A 2.0 cubic foot softener, though oversized for your hardness, will provide the flow you need. You want to ensure the following:

1) Plumb the house so that only untreated water is used for outdoor watering
2) Softener should have a gravel under-bed
3) Softener needs a top distribution basket
4) Fleck valve - the 7000 you mentioned is a great choice
5) Noryl bypass
6) If your well water has any sediment, install a filter upstream from your softener - sediment will damage your softener. 2 "big blue" filters plumbed in parallel and valved so that each can be bypassed separately will ensure you can change a filter without cutting off your water supply.

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Thank you for your assistance! Sorry for the delay as I took a break from my project over the holidays.

I'm assuming that you feel my choice of Rusco sediment filter is inadequate? Should I put those 2 "big blue" filters in place of my current one or should I add them to the system after the Rusco?

Thanks again for your help!

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If you only have large, heavy sediment a spin down is fine. If your sediment is finer the spin downdown won't catch it. Additionally, I'm not impressed with the quality of the Rusco spin down. The mesh has a tendency to detach.

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