New Home - large screen porch, what material to use?

Parkview603January 22, 2013

We met with our builder to discuss our new home which we plan to start this summer. The only thing we disagreed about was our back porch - it is long and will be screened. We will also have a walkout basement below it. We don't know what material to use...should we do concrete (maybe stamped??) or some sort of composite? We have 2 small children so low maintenance is a plus. But we have to be mindful of the costs, obviously. We live in Western Kentucky with humid summers and climate changes in all four seasons.

Here is our floorplan.

I will share a photo in the next post.

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GBB! I know Western Ky well - great place.

We just had this discussion as well and we are going with T&G Trex for our screened porch. It wasn't that much more than treated lumber, and the maintenance-free part of it (plus it looks great) was too much to resist. We plan to use our porch extensively, plus we have kids, and I don't want little feet to end up with splinters from real lumber. The T&G also means we don't have to screen the underside.

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Right up till the mildew gets started on the Trex.

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Yes as brick pointed out and the T&G means that there is less place to wash off the cleaner from the mildew!

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Thanks for your input, dBrad!

Brickeyee and millworkman - what do you suggest as an alternative??

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I am using Azec T&G porch floor, Silver Oak for my screened porch. This home is very buggy, near the shore, and is extremely humid. We have numerous insects and gnats in the summer. It might be overkill, but I am also screening under the floor.

In my reading and in talking to the local Azec distributor, their product is supp to be clean up easily and because it is all plastic, mold and mildew should not be a problem. We shall see. Good luck!

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