Problems with Woodrich treated ipe decks-- pics included

southgeorgia_girlJanuary 30, 2012

2 new decks installed spring 2011. Cleaned with Woodrich Wood Cleaner and Mild Stripper, then with Woodrich Wood Brightener and Neutralizer, then 1 coat of Woodrich amaretto exotic hardwood wiping stain. Looked good but soon after the parts exposed to rain and sun looked gray. See pics -- first 5 or so-- on link. So we decided to recoat. We did all 3 steps on 1 deck and it looks terrible. see the last 3 or 4 pics. Blotchy. didn't soak in everywhere. What's up??

Hoping this link works. Thanks.

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Have used exact same stain/color. I had to stain a staircase before IPE steps were fully sun dried (installers failed to end seal so I wanted to seal ends by soaking area with stain to limit cracking)

Appears that stain did not get absorbed evenly. If wood is not sufficiently dried out, it can result in an uneven finish (in my case, this was only a staircase part which should recover on next staining). Pictures with uneven swirl type pattern suggest wood still too wet to absorb stain. Grey wood pictures more puzzling. Since this is an oil based stain, failure to absorb suggests an oil repellant surface. All salts or water based chemicals must be rinsed off surface and surface allowed to dry thoroughly before staining. Make sure to stir stain before pouring into work container since solids may settle. Greying areas are depleted in natural oils and should be given plenty of time to dry after cleaning before attempting recoating. Note that new wood, unless kiln dried needs time to dry and some sun exposure to lessen surface oils before initial staining.

Suggestion: watch weather forecasts. Do a thorough clean. If using any chemicals, rinse off completely. Then allow at least 2-3 days of sunny weather (more if cold or in shade). Then restain. Whole process needs an extended period of no rain and preferably sunshine before and after but not during staining. I have south facing decks and intentionally did my staining late in the afternoon after direct sunlight was not significantly heating the deck. As a Do it yourselfer, this is easier than a pro since pros will want to work throughout the day regardless of consequences. I had a similar issuer with roofers who wanted to replace my roof in the winter even though it was not an emergency. I made them wait until spring--ideal roofing temperature is not too cold(brittle shingles) or too hot(soft shingles)

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Sophie Wheeler

It's ipe. Ipe is about as non porous a wood that exists on the planet. If you insist on treating it like regular porous pressure treated pine, it will bite you back. And it did.

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The first stain put on new Ipe will typically only last and look good for a few months. It will then need a new coat of stain after cleaning. Over time the finish will last longer as the wood surface loses it's natural oil and continues to hold on to some of the old finish. Most people find they need to do an annual application of stain.

Why don't you post the photos on the woodrich site and see what they recommend.


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