Any recommendations for Pittsburgh paint colors?

cottonpennyApril 19, 2012

I'm looking for some good neutrals for our new built. Anyone used this paint? Or should I stick with BM colors and have them matched?

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The only recommendation that I've ever heard for that paint is not to use it. Might be better now, IDK.

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It's what my builder uses so I'm pretty much stuck with it. What is wrong with it?

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My builder used a different brand too, but I asked them to change to ICI - they didn't have a problem doing that. I told them if I needed to pay alittle more I would, but it wasn't necessary. They pretty much get discounts from all suppliers. Don't feel stuck - ask

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My builder doesn't work like, I live in Pittsburgh so I'm not surprised that's what is commonly used around here!

I don't really know what could be wrong with it. I have read good reviews of it on other sites.

Any recommendations for colors, please???

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My son is actually a manager for a Pittsburgh Paint store. He is a college grad and has had extensive training in paint chemistry, etc. I am always calling him for advice. He has painted everything in his house with their paints and it is lovely. They sell mainly to the trade though - giving builders and remodelers a Huge discount (like half price). It is too expensive for me unless he gets it for me. That might be why most people don't know much about it. They even make car paint that is used by every American car manufacturer. As an aside, our new white truck was vandalized (red spray paint grafitti) and they have a product that got it ALL off - without affecting the original paint at all. Needless to say, I am a huge fan.

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I have had excellent results with Pittsburgh Paints (but I DO prefer BM!).

You certainly can ask them to match the BM colors you like.

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I have Moth Gray. It's lovely! a little grey, but mostly beige in my house.... :)

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I don't know what type of Pittsburgh your painter is using or if you have a say in it. Did a search in the paint forums and found a response by Funcolors (one of our resident paint experts).
Posted by funcolors (My Page) on Sat, Nov 20, 10 at 19:21
"Best" grade in SW is usually assumed to be Duration. Duration eggshell has a generous edge of gloss to it. If we pretend that there is a scale for eggshell sheen, Duration eggshell would be plotted on the higher end toward glossiest.
Pittsburgh Paints Manor Hall or Manor Hall Timeless are both excellent options out of PPG - gorgeous final finish for both. On the imaginary scale for eggshell, the Manor Halls would be at the opposite end from Duration. They are far less glossy - more like a "matte eggshell" than a glossy one.

Both brand's best grades are excellent options at fair price points.

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The cool thing about BM colors is how easy they make it to discuss colors online (widely used and popular). However, there are other good paints out there, and as noted in a recent thread, color matches don't always work out like you expect; different brand, different colorants, different results. When possible, it's ideal to pick a color formulated for the line of paint you're using. Do you know where your painter is getting the paint? The sales people may be able to steer you towards some popular neutrals and then you can check out paint chips or samples in your own lighting. I work at an Ace Hardware and we often loan out our Popular Colors fandeck or recommend which colors have worked well for multiple customers.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Pittsburgh Pains website is fun to explore, too

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The Atmospheric Collection might be a good place to start.

Here is a link that might be useful: At least they look pretty on my monitor

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