RainEscape/DrySnap Under Decking system

winchestervaJanuary 9, 2009

Is anyone familiar with "under decking rain carrying system"? We have a very large deck that we would like screen-in below, looking for ways to "rain proof". Looking at DrySnap, RainEscape and DrySpace.

Would very much appreciate any feedback from anyone familiar with these products.

Thank you in advance!


Winchester, VA

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I am a fan of the Rain Escape system. As far as I know it's the only one that gives a real leak-proof guarantee. The types that snap up from underneath generally say 'some dripping'.

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I'm not familiar with Rain Escape, but in researching this issue for my own deck (yet to be built), I settled on a system called DekDrain (dekdrain.com). I especially like the lifetime warranty. They use rubber, like inner tube material to channel the water. I'll take a look at Rain Escape though, maybe I'll change my mind.

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Thank you for your responses. I had not heard of DekDrain and found a contractor in our area who will be providing an estimate to install that system. I have to say that I was surprised at the cost for these systems to be installed! We are not DIY'ers so we need to rely on the contractor to install.

Thanks again!

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I'm considering such a system, too. Looking at DrySnap, Underdeck Oasis and just added Inside Out to the list. As far as i can tell they are similar except for materials used. I would love to get some feedback on any of these underdeck systems. I am most interested in performance, minimizing trapped moisture (hence mildew, rot etc.) It's going under Trex. Thanks for any opinions.

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