Concerned about Plaster

RollTideTXMarch 7, 2011

We went with a dark gray finish on our pool. They finished the plaster on Friday - no acid wash - and started filling immediately. The pool was completely filled late Saturday evening. Pool builder did not get the pool started up and acid bath until the following Tuesday morning. The first picture shows the plaster before the acid started, and then the subsequent pictures show the plaster as of today (7 days later). As you can see the dark plaster is looking pretty good on the walls but the floor of the pool has what appear to be heavy white streaks still. I've been brushing 3 times a day (and being very thorough with my brushing). My wife and I are both starting to get nervous about these spots. The pool builders says they should be completely gone within a month of brushing. He said he is going to stop the pool and put a few more gallons of acid to sit on the bottom.

Should I be worried? Is it true that these sort of discolorations will go away like he says? I just want to get a second opinion from the group here. You guys have been so helpful in this process.


Before Acid and Brushing

7 Days later (after 12 gallons of acid and brushing 3 times a day)

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Are you keeping the pH down?


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PB brought it way down with the initial acid bath but it may have crept back up since (we are on day 7) - I haven't tested it myself since the PB is still directing the show. He said he would be adding some more acid in a couple of days and then turn the pool off so it can concentrate on the bottom. He was out today and said it would all be gone in a few weeks and to not worry about it.

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Keep documenting and being a squeaky wheel. Fresh plaster raises the pH rather quickly. Daily additions or every other day for the 1st week are the norm. He is outside of the norm, IMHO.


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Thanks, Scott - good info. I will stay on him to test it and keep the PH low to help get to the acceptable finish.

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If you haven't already, get a good test kit like a Taylor K-2006 or TF-100.

I also recommend reading the Pool School at .


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How did you make out? We did our acid bath right away - we started out a light gray and now it's a super dark gray - is that normal? I was hoping it didnt look too dark! Does it lighten up after the acid is done?

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