Best way to attach plaque to wrought iron fence?

AnaghaNJanuary 1, 2014


We are first time homeowners and I am having trouble understanding how to modify my wrought iron gate.

We own a carriage home set behind a condo building. In order to offer greater privacy and security to our unit and their backyard, our entrance/alley is gated. We must unlock this gate to gain access to our home, which is set about 100 feet back from the building.

Although we are legally part of the condo they never intercommed our home along with the front building. As a result we are having delivery people who cannot find us and give up on the delivery.

I will be buying a wireless doorbell, but I also want to mount an address plaque to our wrought iron gate to call attention to our home. Our gate looks almost exactly like the St.Luke's gate in the picture I have attached except they have attached a security grill around the door knob to prevent foot traffic from unlocking the gate from the outside.

I have found a source for the plaque, I am unsure as to how they are mounted on to wrought iron gates. Hoping for some DIY ideas. Ostensibly the grill should make mounting easier.

Thank you so much for your help!


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The site below may give you some ideas. The following two links show brackets (from the site) that may work but the diameter of your tubing will be a factor.
I think you'll need to drill at least two holes in the sign in order to mount the brackets, then paint the bolt heads to match the sign.
Other option, consider drilling all the way thru the tubing and use Tamper Resistant bolts and nuts to secure the sign.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brackets

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Find a welding shop to attach bolts to the back of the plaque and get their recommendation for the appropriate clamp hardware. The last thing you want to do is drill through that plaque, you'll ruin it.

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