Replacing Culligan Super S water conditioner

janksNovember 29, 2010

I am replacing my Super S water conditioner after 17 years of service. It has done a very good job of eliminating the sulfur odor in our well water but has seen it's better days! I have been looking at some new treatment options which treat both sulfur odor and Manganese (I get black slimy deposits in the toilet tanks) without the need for periodic clorination and the annoying air compressor which runs every hour. I have been considering a system like the air injection system (no external air compressor required) made by Abundant Flow Water Systems -- AI25. It utilizes a good control head (Fleck 2510 SXT) and a Filox media. My question is, does anyone have any experience with this machine in a sulfur odor application? It sounds like it would be a good performer in my house. Please let me know if you have used this system or a similar Filox media system. Thanks!

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Is the Super S series the one that uses both chlorine and air to treat the sulfur?

What are your sulfur test results?

Any air injection system I have seen or worked with must be sized and set up for water conditions. Injecting air requires time to convert odors to insoluable matter to be filtered. Injecting air into one tank with 24 inches of freeboard (water above the media) to create enough time and volume to do this conversion, seems unlikely for any significant amounts of sulfur or iron removal.

The secret to success of many internet based water treatment systems is attractive testimonials, lofty claims and no real concern to make sure their equipment will do as advertized. Then trying to get service, let alone money back, becomes a long, difficult process.

There are alternative methods to removing sulfur.

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