Mockett Grommet in island?? useful? annoying clean-up?

infohound2006March 15, 2009

Is a pop-up Mockett Grommet a good idea for (extra) outlets on a kitchen island? I like not having cords hang over the edge of the counter, but DH is concerned that it's just a gimmick, that the seal will just collect crumbs & grime and make clean-up more work.

Can you please tell us

- what you like and don't like

- what do you plug in, (vs other receptacles)

- any installation & code issues

Our island will have a solid-surface countertop, an induction cooktop, a prep sink at the other end, prep counter space, plus a 2-person seating area. (plus other GFI receptacles on the ends).

Is it worth the price and the cleaning hassles? What do you plug in on your island? Electrician is working on the house this week; please help us make an informed choice!

Without knowing what we'll be plugging in, we can't decide if electrical cords hanging over the edge would be a hazard or no problem. (Our kids are 9 and 14). What electrical items besides a laptop and an electrical griddle should we be envisioning?

Here is a link that might be useful: Mockett Grommet - pop-up kitchen power grommet

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How would you use it in that you could not use the GFIs on the ends--beside the laptop or griddle? IF the use is going to be very occasional another option would be to have a plain grommet that you could run a cord into an outlet inside the cabinet. We were able to put a GFI outlet that is accessible. Plugging and unplugging is not as convenient, but it works as a lower tech alternative.

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We put outlets on two sides of our island in our kitchen and in our apartment. They are on the corners right under the countertop.

We charge our phones, plug in a compter. Use it to plug in small appliances - blender, food processor, griddle, etc.

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We have two pop-up Mocketts in our sink "alcove". They don't seem to be collecting crumbs, etc., but they're not in a well-used area. I can see where they might be like a top-mount sink...having to clean around the rims.

Old picture:

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We have one on our island and love it. It doesn't seem to collect crumbs around the edge because it's used almost daily. My KA mixer is in the cabinet below it and we often use our laptop and charge phones and stuff there. I also have a KA chopper thing that gets used almost daily there. It's been very useful and I wipe down the island daily so cleaning has not been an issue at all.

The island. The Mockett is at the left back corner in this picture.

It's a little dusty in those pictures as the pictures were taken just after the granite and Mockett had just been installed.


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IMHO: gimmicky, esthetically less than pleasing, and likely to cause problems in the future as they get grimy, wet, etc. Anything with moving parts is likely to malfunction eventually, and with holes drilled in your countertop, you're stuck with replacing them forever.

We have Plugmold along three sides of our islands. That gives us about 15 outlets total. They are virtually completely hidden from view by the overhang of the countertop, and are also protected from crumbs, water, grease etc by that overhang. Ours match the color of the cabinetry, making them even less noticeable. We use them constantly for appliances, laptop and iPod chargers, etc.

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What's the name of your granite?

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it's uba tuba.

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clinresga, it's not necessarily "gimmicky" was the only way we could meet Code without having to build a raised platform in front of the window just for the outlets. Our GC and electrician wrestled with several options, none of which would have been anywhere near as aesthetically pleasing as these Mocketts.

So for me, a necessary and the best aesthetically pleasing option. No problems yet, but as I mentioned earlier, we don't use them often. We did use them during the Christmas Holiday to power the lights on our mini-tree that was in the window. No cords hanging down from a wall or hanging over a countertop edge where they could get caught on something.

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I'm interested to hear opinions about these. My plan is to put one right in the center of our island, because I ALWAYS have something there to hide it--a bowl, a vase of flowers, etc. My current kitchen has plugmold under the granite overhang, and I have found that it doesn't work with MAC laptop chargers. Even if we dropped the plugmold down a little (and risk "exposure" Eeeek!) the MAC chargers are weighted in a way that causes them to fall out. We have 4 MACs and this is where my kids will end up doing their homework....gotta have the Mocketts.

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just something to think don't necessarly have to get GFI outlets. If codes in your area permit, you can use GFI breakers instead. They are expensive (around $45), but then you can use mocketts with no concerns about GFI outlets.

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Thanks rmlanza, it's beautiful.

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Thanks folks. I appreciate getting everyone's views, the wonderfully useful photos from rmlanza and buehl, and the practical considerations Shanghaimom pointed out about chargers!

We will have outlets at each end of the seating area, under the counter, but I'll have to think seriously about clearances and the power brick hitting knees and/or falling out. On the other hand, our countertop will be much lighter color, so the Mockett would stand out a lot more.

Hmm. Could we retrofit it if we have the island pre-wired & there's room between cabinets? Can Swanstone etc. be cut after after installation?

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Consider the one from Lew Electric. They are actually certified or whatever you call that where the mocketts are not. I am including a link to them. I think Igloochic may have purchased a few of these. I found them on a thread where she was discussing them with Solarguy. The two electrical suppliers in my area had nothing but great things to say about them. They are the same price as the mockett.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: LEW Electric Pop up grommet

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Actually, the Mockett IS UL listed for use in kitchens and other spill areas, whereas the LEW pop-up you linked are specified for floors, but NOT potential spill areas.

I've had the Mockett installed in my island for two years now and absolutely love it. It is easy to use, easy to keep clean and oh so convenient. When it is not in use, I set my recipe-book holder over it and it is entirely out of site.

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infohound, our KD had one in a working kitchen in his showroom. It was stainless, not black, and I don't think it popped up the way the pictures here are showing. I'm sorry I can't give you anymore information on it because I wasn't interested in getting one (although DH was deeply smitten with the gadgety aspects of it)but I think it is possible that just as air switches, faucets and other countertop things are available in different finishes the pop-up outlets may be also.

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I love my Mockett. It was added kind of as an afterthought when I realized I did not have power in a certain place on my counter. I have had it for two years and not had any problem/gunk build up. I surely recommend it. The cover of the Mockett on the granite is not obnoxious but could easily be covered with a decor if necessary.
I also still love my nevermt - (spelling?) -learned about that also here.
Thank you GW kit folks.

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If you have a strict electrical inspector, the Mockett that has a cord and plug will not pass code if it is the only outlet on the island. There is a similar unit that is designed for being "permanently wired" that should be used instead. With already built-in receptacles on the island sides, the permanent wired issue should not matter.


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Someone posted a link to a Sillite ? that was less $$ but I don't know if it's rated for wet areas. May not be a problem if it's on GFCI-protected circuit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sill lite

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Please read the item that I posted again. This is for countertops only. This company also makes floor boxes. the PUFF series has a rubber seal and it is a permanent installation (hardwired) not a plug. I have recently seen the LEW electric installed and it is really stealth for most countertops.

Good luck!

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Oh, and you don't need GFCI breaker to protect circuit - a GFCI outlet with rest wired on Load side of it is sufficient.

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I sure wish I had known about these products--esp. the Sillight outlet (see above)--four months ago!

I'm stuck with outlets mounted a foot over the countertop, sigh. How much easier it would be to plan and execute a tile pattern above the countertops if I did't have the outlets DH so carefully installed and leveled!.

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