Metal grating as deck floor

ashebrookJanuary 1, 2008

Has anyone done this? Our deck will be on the north side of our house, over the only windows and door to our basement. In order to get some light to the basement, I was thinking of using metal grating. I have seen it used for landings on fire escapes, but never for a deck. Anyone have any idea where to get it or what it would cost? Also, what metal are they made out of and what maintenance would be involved?

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My deck is a few feet above the tops of 2 heat pumps. The manufacturer recommends not covering them, and I wouldn't want all that exhaust underneath the deck anyway. Also, I had to satisfy the "permit store".

Anyway, I ordered these grates from the local distributor for
Ohio Gratings. I wanted zero maintenance, so I got aluminum. Fairly expensive. Probably other, cheaper ways to do it. To ease you into the sticker shock, I think I paid $350 for both, tax and delivery. Steel would certainly be cheaper, but maintenance issues.

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I've liked for the grating I've needed, but unless you have a really cool, modern home I can't imagine it not looking like a waste treatment plant catwalk. Aluminum would really be your only viable option, because I don't see powder-coated steel standing up to the foot traffic, and one scratch and it could rot from the inside out.

What about a combination of standard wood (or composite) decking and spans of lexan (or similar) panels to allow light through? Do a frosted glass look, and you could light it from below at night for a pretty cool effect.

Either way, have fun at the permit office. If yours is like mine, they frown on innovation.

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