Pressure switches

tdsmith_gwNovember 3, 2011

I replaced a pressure switch for my well and I noticed that it is a Low Pressure Switch. Does that mean it is not going to function as a regular pressure switch ?

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a well pump is a low pressure pump so you should be fine

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Supply a bit more info or a model #.
You may have a low pressure cutout that trips if the pump fails to deliver the cut-in value in some period of time, as an attempt to save the pump motor in, for example, a low yield well.

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Low pressure switches require a manual reset once the pressure drops, typically 10 psi below low cut in.

I've made the same mistake at my parent's house. It can be a pain in the butt if the power goes out and water pressure drops (trip to the well house, get down there with the snakes... and Swamp Thang... to reset the switch).

If you don't need it, get the standard switch without the low pressure cut out.

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That low pressure cutoff might be a big help if a pipe bursts and the pressure drops below the cutoff point. Or if the well pumps dry and the shutoff keeps the pump from burning up. I have them on my pumps.

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