Help -- There is an elephant in my basement!

Angie_DIYNovember 29, 2011

About 6 years ago, I replaced all the galvanized pipe in our house with copper. I also dismantled an old brass laundry-tub faucet (BBW 450), cleaned it in CLR, and replaced the washers. I also had to put on an anti-siphon device per code. Since that time, the faucets (both H and C) screech like an elephant at low-to-intermediate flow rates. (They don't screech at very low rates or with a robust stream).

This hasn't really been a problem for me for the past 6 years. (How often do you really use your laundry-tub faucet?) However, I am in the middle of a kitchen renovation, and this has now become my primary sink. It is starting to drive me bonkers! (Not that I had far to go.... ;-)

Any ideas of what is causing this or how to mitigate?



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First I would check to see if the washer screws have loosened.

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Momma always said to try the simple things first. I feel silly -- the washer was not loose, but changing out the old, hard one made the problem go away. I don't really understand why, but I am not complaining. Thanks, Bus.

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