Wanting more pressure & Hot water

big_al_41November 9, 2012

Hi all, I have a problem in our home that has been there for many years and my wife is now at her wits end. Our hot water comes from our oil fired furnace( it has a coil built in ). BTW the furnace also supplies our heat via base board. It's a colonial home and the up stairs shower has two problems, one the hot water is a hit or miss and there is little pressure.

What I am envisioning is installing a separate hot water heater ( elec ) and have it piped just into the line that feeds the up stairs area and also install some sort of pump to increase pressure in that line.

Am I off base here in my thinking ??? Ant thoughts on all this?

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Any idea what kind of plumbing you have for the hot supply? Galvanized, perhaps? Perhaps, many years old??

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PEX's going into copper, about 20 years old

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Does your shower have a mixer? Does the sink in the bathroom have no problems with the hot?

If you have a mixer, I suppose, it is possible that something is clogging the hot side of the mixer, it has happened to me before.

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there's no mixer.. it's just a supply and demand problem plus low pressure... any I ideas or how about what I was thinking will it work ??

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1. what is the water pressure like for the cold water? if it is fine, then, your hot should be fine also. The fact that it isn't means something is clogging either the lines or the hot water fixture.

2. Adding another water heater and pump won't solve the problem if the issue lies between the water heater you install and the fixture - you would just be forcing more hot water and pressure to a potentially blocked line.

3. How is the hot and cold in the sink faucet in the same bathroom?

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the pressure at the sinks are ok ... my main concern now is the extent of hot water for the shower.... I'm thinking about replacing the hot & cold knobs in the shower and their respective valves that are behind them, maybe that will help with the pressure.. but the hot water is still our main concern here ..it is so spotty that's why I am thinking a separate heater for the hot water and have it tie in directly to the line that feeds our up stairs shower.

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I don't know how your plumbing is configured, but, I doubt you have separate pex distribution lines from your copper to pex manifold feeding your bathroom. If this is true, then your sinks in the bathroom are feed by the same supplies as the shower, and, your lack of hot water could be due to the hot water valve in your shower since your sinks work fine. Basically, the lack of hot water is due to a faulty hot valve since the cold shower has plenty of pressure as does your sink hot and cold.

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