Are State Select water heaters good? How long/much to install?

gardengirlvaNovember 21, 2011

We have a State Select gas water heater that is approx 9 years old and is beginning to fail. We have to keep turning up the water temp setting to maintain sufficient hot water. Our plumber recommended a new heater vs repair due to the age of the heater. State Select is the brand he installs. I'm a little disappointed that our current heater didn't even make it 10 years so I'm not sure I want another one. I searched the archives here and found almost nothing on State but tons of posts on Rheem and Bradford. Why are there so few posts on State? Are they not common?

Also, how long does it typically take to install a replacement heater? My plumber said 2-3 hours, does that sound right? It's in an unfinished basement out in the open. I'm being quoted $1250 for the heater and labor, which sound high to me.

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All water heaters heat water - how good they are depends upon the maintenance that you provide. State is a good brand, nothing wrong with them.

If your current water heat has a 6 yr warranty, and you got 9 yrs out of it with no maintenance, you did well.

In terms of replacement is this a standard, direct or power vent model that you are replacing? What capacity (Gallons) is it?

All of this is relevant to cost.

Oh by the way, I just replaced my 12 yr old water heater (GE 50 gallon gas) with a Bradford White- the ONLY brand made here in the good ole USA.

Good luck!

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9 years is pretty impressive for most cheap 2 yr warranty water heaters these days. Especially if you did no maintenance to it. Buy one with a 12 year warranty if you want to get 10 years out of it and do annual maintainence and you might get 20 years out of that 12 year model. Yes, it's more expensive. You will get what you pay for in most things in life, but especially in water heaters. $1250 isn't at all a bad quote for a 50 gallon 12 year warranty model with install. It's high for a POS 2 year warranty 30 gallon install.

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Which manufacturer produces a WH with a 2 year warranty?

The minimum is six years with the big mfr's (i.e Rheem, AO Smith, and BW)

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HD sells a Hotpoint/GE with a 2 yr warranty and sells them by the bucketload because they are the cheapest thing going.

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Quote" Bradford White- the ONLY brand made here in the good ole USA. "

A.O.Smith has there corporate offices and principal manufacturing plant at Johnson City, Tenn.

A.O.Smith (the parent company) also manufactures STATE & American at the same plant.

And the last time I looked at a map, Tennesee is still in the U.S.A.

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You are correct - AO Smith, has "1", out of several, corporate offices, in Tennessee. Look to see where the other numerous offices are located around the globe - China, Mexico, etc. etc. etc.

AO Smith has manufacturing facilities in Mexico and overseas. Yes, they are producing water heaters. You may be hard pressed to find a "Made in the USA" sticker on a AO Smith WH

Rheem - same story

Point being, Bradford White produces here in the US, and US only and I know where the bottom line dollar is staying.

Thank God for the fact that Tennessee (the beautiful state that it is) is still in the US, and we haven't outsourced it totally to foreign manufacturers.

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