Excessive new pool finish acid treat

fewelljMarch 30, 2012

Had a pool renovation with White Sunstone Pearl pool plaster. After the plaster was applied, the pool was refilled and at first contained 5 gal. of muriatic acid. It sat this way for 6 days, then another gallon was added for an additional 2 days of treatment. Contractor says this is normal procedure for startup of this finish as recommended by the manufacturer. Contacted the manufacturer and they deferred to the pool contractor. Has anyone had any experience in such a lengthly acid treatment for a new pool finish. Have had to clean the filter three times since pump was started 2 days ago due to buildup of fine sand and scale. First 6 days of acid treatment was without any circulation. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

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5 gals is not much acid for what you describe. What was the ph reading? Most finish treatments like you describe sit 3-5 days with a ph of about 2.
Can't imagine that you can see much difference.

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