How to reseal/fix a leaky porch

matty22January 2, 2009

I live in a 2 family house in the downstairs apartment. My two bedrooms are directly beneath a porch. When it rains really hard we have a really bad leak into both rooms and it goes down the walls but only on the side that the rooms are connected. We have tried to see where the problem is coming from but cant seem to locate the exact leaky area, we know for sure its the porch. How can we reseal or fix the leaky porch? We are constantly fixing the ceiling and the walls but every time it rains it damages the work we did. Please help me figure out a way to fix the problem. We tried to hire 2 separate contractors but neither wanted to take the job due to not being 100% sure if the problem would go away, we know its not the roof because its a brand new roof and the up-stairs apartment has no water damage or leaks. Any advise would be great! Thanks :)

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It sounds like the source is where the roof meets the wall and is not properly flashed. Keep trying to get a reputable roofer or tradesperson to make the fix. The other two probably didn't want to mess with it becuase to do it right involves a lot of "p.i.t.a". A lot is dependent on your siding type, lap siding, brick, stucco, etc. but regardless, it's the flashings properly installed that will fix the leak. Depending on the severity and if you have insulation types that wisk up and hold water, you might have to replace the insulation in the affected bedrooms wherever they got wet. It would mean pulling the wallboard in the ceiling/walls where it has leaked. If left unattended, it could lead to mold concerns, but again, it depends on how bad the leak is.

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