what size and type water heater should I get?

erinb007November 4, 2013

Hi, I am buying a house that currently has a 50 gallon electric water heater. Its a 1400 sq ft ranch with unfinshed basement and there will just be two of us living there. I am installing a soaking tub that can hold 48 gallons to top of tub. I want to be able to take super hot baths and have extra to refill when water gets cold. I am having gas run to the house and switching to a gas furnace. Two questions: 1. What size water heater do I need. I don't anticipate any other things needing hot water when I take my nightly bath..no other showers, dishwasher, etc.
2. Should I switch to Gas?

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I don't believe electric is ever cheaper to operate than gas for a water heater.
I'd stay with a 50 gallon WH and turn the thermostat to the hottest temperature setting. It can be turned down if there are periods where you aren't taking frequent soaks.
Also, have a whole-house anti-scald device installed,

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I'd go up to the next size, like 65gl. You could consider an on-demand for the tub only, but that's going to cost you $$$$.$$

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There are a lot of large tubs that can never be used due to lack of hot water. Or, there aremany short baths as there is no hot water to peak the tub once it cools off because the tank doesn't have the recovery rate to handle it.

Gas is absolutely the less expensive to operate. I'm a fan of tankless and just installed one in our new remodel (kitchen, 2 baths, laundry). They are not inexpensive but there is no energy consumption when you are not using hot water and for your tub, it is ideal. I have a bathfill controller on mine. I punch in 40 gal and 104* turn on hot only and the unit fills the tub with the 40 gal of 104* water, turns off the water and beeps to tell me my bath is ready. I mean, how could I do without that:) Pretty cool.

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