Looking to build new covered patio over my existing deck...

rmw_January 17, 2013

I'd like to build a covered patio over my current deck.

Can I just strip the siding off, use a hanger and run two carrier boards off the back of the house and have a few columns resting on the deck supporting the front of the structure? Use some vaulted trusses.

My dad and I are very handy and do almost all our own work.

Here are a few links for what I'm shooting for:

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Structural support is important. Roof must be able to support snow load (if applicable in your area which means beam size determined by span and slope) or strong winds. All support beams to deck should transmit load directly over beams from deck to ground. House attachment does not carry load well unless attached to vertical posts or into house wall joist. Sample graphics suggest posts against house wall to carry roof --if so that is good with house attachment serving primarily to stiffen against sideways wind load. Since there are no diagonal trusses on post make sure there are cross pieces on bottom of roof section to limit flexing on side wind(twisting to collapse horizontal box)

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