sanity check: is this leak result of faulty faucet?

babushka_catNovember 13, 2011

hi all -

my kitchen is in the last stages of construction. this faucet was installed by the GC in the last few weeks. i have noticed a very tiny amount of water seeping out from the bottom edge of the "collar" of my Rohl bridge faucet where the bottom edge of collar meets the top of the marble counter -see red circled area in pic below). i am not seeing any dripping below the counter in the cabinet below. when i asked the GC about it via email (he got the same picture), he said it could not be the plumbing based on where the water was seeping out, it was a faulty faucet that needed to be replaced. he did not seem willing to look at in person to check the connections.

the faucet is a rohl bridge faucet purchased brand new from local dealer. i am sure it is under warranty but before i have him pull it out and go through the hassle of waiting for another one (this one took 1 week to get), going without water for 1 week and the likely change order that will result from my GC i want to verify this is indeed the issue.

couldn't this also be caused by some of the plumbing connections not being properly connected or lack of proper plumbing tape or washer? is it unreasonable for me to want him to check all of his connections before this is returned to the mfg?

I need a sanity check before I pursue it further with the GC. Is what he is saying make sense and it could not be his plumbing connections?

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Unlikely unless the valve packing is leaking and water is running down the valve body.

More likely is just splashing and no sealing material under the facet.
Plumbers putty is NOT the thing to use on stone.

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thanks for the reply. what product should they be using and where should it be sealed so i can describe to the GC?

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Here is a tip:

Water obviously responds to gravity - rule out the points above the place where the water is pooling.

wrap toilet paper around the faucet above the area where the water is pooling and fasten with rubber bands.

Run water by opening and closing the faucets, being careful not to splash water on the paper.

If the faucet is leaking, it will show on the paper.

I agree that the plumbing connections are below the area marked, so it's not likely to be the plumbing connection.

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From the two ROHLs I looked at (no model number), I'd say something on the faucet is not quite tight. And not the water connections from below, but the cartridge at that lower 'nut'.

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