Intelliflow temp setting

hilemandaleMarch 8, 2012

Have used Intelliflow about a year now and very pleased

However have question about temp setting, that is, the setting at which the pump stops during the interim. Mine is apparently set a bit too high and so the pump of course ran all winter. , But I�m reluctant to establish a lower setting until I know what�s usual for my location out here in Victorville, Ca; specifically rural Apple Valley

Pool a big one, some 40k gal I think. What else might you need to know about it

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Incidentally what do I click on to edit my OP

Thanks guys

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Oh and

1. What do I click on to edit my OP and

2. Why sometimes do I get a message indicating that I cannot post a followup

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Sorry please ignore 2. above. I just learned that one has to change the "subject" entry

Again forgive my massive ignorance

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I suspect we who are regulars know your ID.

WRT you question of temp, I have to assume you mean the water's temp. Chlorine losses will vary. That is the dependency though. The higher your loss, the longer your run time. If your water temp is lower than say, 55-F, and your free chlorine losses are low with respect to the CYA level, keeping the run time each day minimized is fine.

How much you need to run each day is usually determined by a number of factors. Consider your FC loss, time to make it up, and the capabilities of your pool's hydraulics. Every pool is different.


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