Intellitouch firmware update limitations

martinkmMarch 11, 2010

I have a question for the pentair intellitouch experts out there. I have an older intellitouch i9+3. The version number in both the outdoor control panel and indoor control panel are 1.06. I recently purchased an intelliflo pump and discovered that the older firmware version does not support the variable speed pump. I downloaded the pentair firmware package and read the readme which suggests that all the intellitouch systems can be upgraded to the latest version (1.13). I called Pentair technical support to confirm this and to try to find someone who could do this reflash for me and was told by the person on the phone that my version was too old and that I'd need to replace the motherboard! I'm really suspicious of this, due both to the comments in the firmware update readme suggesting that older versions can be updated (with a couple extra steps) and also because I believe I've read here about other members who had similar versions of intellitouch upgraded. Could anyone in the know confirm or deny whether my boards can indeed be upgraded and if so, provide me with some ammunition to get someone to come out to do this work? Part of my challenge is that I have purchased all my pentair equipment through private channels so Pentair doesn't have a lot of incentive to help me.


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You just need to flash upgrade it.
Try tech support again. The usually dont charge if you are buying something new.
The Easytouch needs chip upgrade, not the Intellitouch.

Who did you buy the motor from? Maybe they can get ahold of a local rep they usually will do it for you.

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martinkm - where are you located?

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I have a 5 year old Panel that I just flashed with the 2.07 firmware.

The easy touch needs a board replacement for the 1.XX to take advantage of 2.XX features.

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thanks for the feedback everyone - the message from just-a-pb is also my understanding - don't know why tech support is telling me otherwise. I purchased both my automation system and my intelliflo pump off of craigslist, so I have limited avenues for service. I am located in northern california midway between San Francisco and San Jose.

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Err I mean 1.3 firmware.

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I live in the Bay Area and I have exactly the same issue as you describe in your forum post. Did you ever find anyone in the area that could actually flash update your intellitouch panel? I am having trouble finding anyone that can do that.

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Answer is still yes.
Try the local Pentair rep and see what he can do for you.
If you purchased new equipment they are ususally happy to do it for you. If not you may have to pay a service company to come flash it for you.

Try the local supply house. Dont give to much info, just ask for the Pentair reps phone number, they should have it.
Not sure exactly where you are .
This one is in Santa clara, 408-327-4907

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Keep in mind, when you do this extensive of a flash, you need to reprogram most of the settings. In fact you might be better off erasing the entire eeprom before flashing

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I had to get mine also updated for an intelliflo vf pump. I found a Pentair rep which did the update for me, I removed the keyboard and motherboard to bought them to him. It's funny at first I too was told no I need a new board. Hope you can get it straighten out.

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I think the general confusion was caused by the Easytouch.
They did a motherboard upgrade, so older units would need a board replacement for some of the new feature to work.

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Or the confusion is that pentair's 1800 support line sucks just like most companies.

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The best and the brightest minimum wage can find.

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Thanks for the feedback. I was able to get my Outdoor unit and my Mobiletouch flashed to the latest revision. Unfortunately my Intelliflo pump died. It shows no signs of getting power and it ran fine for the first week, then died. Any ideas?

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