Question for kompy re Medallion vs Kraftmaid

aussiesMarch 9, 2008

Hi Kompy. I seem to recall that you are a dealer for both Medallion and KM. We have been planning to buy KM, because that is the brand the KD we like sells. But much like Wondery here who posted a question about Autumn Blush vs Cabernet, we have been having trouble deciding which finish to go with. We like the finish on the link that Wondery posted too - . Could you tell me whether Medallion has a finish that is closer to that color?

Also, is it true that Medallion is better quality than Kraftmaid? I do like the idea of being able to get 39inch cabs. I just don't really want to start over looking for a different KD that sells Medallion ... but maybe we should. Any advice? TIA

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Hi Aussies,
I love both KM and Medallion. Medallion doesn't have as many finishes to choose from, as KM does. The only darker, reddish stains they have are: Chestnut and Brandywine. Chestnut is more brownish doesn't have the reddish tint that KM's autumn blush has. Brandywine is very darkish-red and as it's name states...very wine colored....more burgundy-ish.

I love KraftMaid for their doorstyle and color selections, and for their price.

I love Medallion for their quality of finish , 39" standard uppers and custom modifications. Apples-for-apples, they are just a little bit more than KraftMaid.

However, Medallion's Silverline McCall Cherry would come out less than KraftMaid's Lyndale Cherry. Keep in mind though, that the Silverline series does not offer 39" uppers.

I would say that 'yes' Medallion is a little bit better quality. If the 39" uppers is a big deal to you, then I would check out the Medallion. But if it's not, then stick with a designer that you feel comfortable with....that is also very important!

If you like, I can post some pictures of a couple of Medallion cherry chestnut kitchens on Tuesday when I'm back to work. Let me know if you'd like that.


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Hi Kompy,

Thanks so much for the information. That would be great if you could post some pictures of Medallion on Tuesday. I would really appreciate that!

Thanks for your help!


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Here are some of the photos that I have. All of them are mine, except the one Mandalay door picture. I don't have any that show the Autumn Blush...but I really think it's a timeless color.
Hope this helps.

Medallion "Providence" Cherry wood w/ Pecan Finish (2 Pix)

Medallion Silverline Series (builder): McCall Cherry w/ Chestnut Finish

KraftMaid Sedona Cherry w/ Sunset Finish

KraftMaid Mandalay Cabernet (I'm not sure where I got this photo....and not sure if it's Birch or Cherry)

Medallion "Park Place" Cherry w/ Chestnut

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Uh-oh ... I have totally fallen in love with the cabinets in the last picture (Park Place)!! Wow! They are beautiful! Love the color, love the glass at the top of the doors, love the molding ... Now we have to do a little soul-searching here to see which is more important to us -- getting these Medallion cabinets or using the KD we like (and getting KM cabs).

I haven't seen any Kraftmaid doors like that -- i.e. with glass at the top of the door. Please let me know if I'm mistaken ... I will be right here, clicking my heels together :) Do you think the Autumn Blush color would look similar to that chestnut color?

I also like the granite in the last picture. Do you know what kind it is?

Thank you so much for posting these pics! It really is such an enormous help!!

Aussies :)

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KraftMaid does not offer glass doors like that.

The autumn blush is REALLY close to the chestnut finish by Medallion. I just took an Autumn Blush doorsample over to my chestnut display. The Autumn Blush is a tad bit more red, but if the cabinets were installed across the room from each other, I doubt many people would notice they weren't the same.....that's how close it looked to me! If I get a chance soon, I'll take a picture of the AB door in the chestnut display.

And you're welcome.....glad to help!

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That's a shame that Kraftmaid doesn't offer glass doors like that ... or 39'' cabs. I'm sure they will AFTER I've remodeled my kitchen :)

I'm really excited though to hear that the autumn blush is so similar to the Medallion chestnut! That color looks beautiful! Would love to see a picture of the AB door in the chestnut display if you do get a chance.

Thanks again!! :o)

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After seeing these pics, I wish I'd looked more closely at Medallion also. I love that doorstyle and the color. But I thought that Medallion was A LOT more expensive than Kraftmaid. I priced my design on Kraftmaid from Lowes and it was around $22K. The guy at our local Medallion dealer looked quickly at the same design and told me that it would probably be around $35K. Actually he said something like "If you're not willing to commit at least $35K to cabinets for this project, there's probably no point in us speaking further." Um, okay. I guess he was either having a bad day or I wasn't dressed well enough.

(Sorry to hijack...I guess I'm still annoyed at him. And surprised that the prices shouldn't have been that far apart for the two lines.)

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Well I took some pictures today. The ones with a flash were useless, so I took them without a flash. The autumn blush is definitely more red. It's funny how different the finishes looked based upon where I had them in my showroom. Against the display they looked VERY similar. Out in the front window, not as much.

I should've taken a picture of the door sample against the display. The display is older, so it's probably darkened a bit more.

This photo is a KraftMaid Cherry Autumn Blush door sample sitting against my Medallion Cherry Chestnut display

Medallion "Silverline" cherry Chestnut Sample door (left) - KraftMaid Cherry Autumn Blush Sample door (right). Full sun photo!

Medallion "Silverline" cherry Chestnut Sample door (left) - KraftMaid Cherry Autumn Blush Sample door (right). Doors laying flat on countertop - indirect sun photo!

kfaustin- That's too bad. That's definitely not a way to treat a someone that takes the time to visit your showroom. There are so many aspects to a kitchen remodel...maybe he threw out that number as what your cabinets would cost installed?

And treating people based on how they're dressed is a pet peeve of mine!


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ksjaustin, no problem. Hijack away :) Sounds like that dealer was right about one thing though -- there was no point in speaking further with him, you wouldn't want to deal with a jerk like that anyway! Can I ask what cabinets you ended up going with?

Kompy, once again you've outdone yourself! Thanks! Very interesting comparison. It's amazing how much darker the chestnut looks in that kitchen in your original "Park Place" picture than they do in your showroom. Are you sure that Park Place pic is chestnut? Our kitchen is on the dark side, so I'm hopeful that they would look darker here too. IMHO it looks like the KM Autumn Blush is slightly darker than the M chestnut, but I agree - they do look very similar with the AB being slightly redder. I feel very encouraged that the AB should be fine. So I thank you, and I'm sure my KM KD would thank you too :)

I also like the granite you had in the Park Place picture. Do you happen to know what kind it is?

Aussies :o)

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Thanks for your nice comments, aussies. That granite in the "Park Place" photo is called "Columbus Gold".

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Hi Aussies, to answer your question, I ended up going with Shiloh cabinets. It's a lesser-known brand that is only available in certain parts of the country. But I came very close to getting the Kraftmaid in Autumn Blush Cherry. We must have similar taste, because I LOVE that finish.

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