concrete floor?

patches_02January 20, 2013

We had a back patio that had a roof over it and the concrete floor. We enclosed it now but it's not going to
be a heated room all the time. Just when we want to be out there. Enclosed because it would make a good wind block from the cold west winds here in Indiana.Now we would like to put something down over the concrete but have been told we can't do anything in the winter.Says glue can't be used because it won't stick to cold concrete. What is something we can use instead.

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Hello! The only thing I can suggest is maybe looking into staining the floor. Their are tons of floor stains that make a boring concrete floor look interesting. It is a very rustic look though, so if that is not your kind of style I wouldn't suggest it. If you arn't sure about what I mean, just google "concrete stain" and a ton of images will come up! I actually used this in my basement a few years ago and it looks great!

Hope this helps!

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try a rug?

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How about putting down a dricore subfloor and then whatever you want on top of that?

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This is our porch. Our builder poured a concrete floor and I hated it. When it got warm enough we put down this wood looking tile. Love my porch now.

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