Paver Questions (product differences)

ollieboyMarch 23, 2010

Hi All,

I saw that a few posts mentioned Tremron Pavers or thier Travertine and I was curious to if anyone in Georgia OR South East has experience with the Tremron Pavers versus Belgard, Sims Stone, or Pavestone.

We are working on our budget and pool quotes and we may take on the paver portion ourselfs and would love to hear your thoughts.

We met these folks at a home show this past weekend and liked thier product but we also like the other onese noted too and curious to if we are comparing apples to apples for the most part.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. We'd be doing flagstone for our coping and this would just be for our paver deck, paver walkways, and perhaps a fire pit area and small garden seat wall.

We are only interested in the thicker pavers not the 1" overlays.

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We are in Atlanta and are ordering our noche travertine from Travertine Mart in Florida. Even with the freight charges their prices are still WAY better than the distributors around here. We liked the natural look but were sold on the fact that it stays much cooler than cement pavers in the Hotlanta sun. Their pavers, btw, are 1.25" thick. Just thought I'd throw it out there.

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thank you kindly and we will check it out. Are you installing yourself then or did you get an installer? Are they sand set? Is 1.25 thick enough without cracking in a freeze?

We have been qouted for pavers (with pool) and another paver price from someone else (without pool) and the numbers are all over so we thought we'd purchase ourselves and have someone install.

Yes, Tremlon also has Travertine and a very good install price from others we've seen locally here. They too are out of florida but now distribute here. I only have thier install price so I will check out travertine mart and see about the pricing there.

If you are hiring an installer, is yours indendent of a pool company and if so, could you share the name/company so we could view them. we are having a hard time nailing down what idependent intallers might charge as everyone seems to want us to purchase from them. I assume each carry product and most certainly make a small profit there, which is fine, we just don't want to be limited on product line by installer.

Thank you in advanced for your idea aobut Travertine Mart.

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ollieboy, we have tremron pavers, a combination of 1.25" and 3 inch pavers. The one inch covers our existing concrete in the screened in room and a small pad outside the screened in room. The one inch also covers the footer which the screen is bolted to, this is a requirement in florida. The rest is the normal size. We went with the estate style because there was a combination of both sizes and the wife wanted everything to match. The plant is just 10 mins away from where we live in Jacksonville. We love them so far. We have about 1800sq ft of pavers. Look at our pool build
Here is a link to tremron

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Ollie boy,

I am in NJ and we've had travertine from Cheryl at
travertinewharehouse dot com. I have no cracking issues up here in NJ, i highly doubt its even something to consider in Atlanta. Given the heat you get down there, i wouldn't recommend anything other than travertine.


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We are purchasing the travertine ourselves and having it delivered, but our pool contractor is doing the installation. We are having them set on crusher and sand, so no fear of heaving. After this weird winter I'd be afraid to set them in concrete. We went with Neptune pools...and they are a class act. We've been plotting and planning this pool build for more than two years and they've hung in there. Finally broke ground last Friday to discover we have a small underground lake in our backyard. In went the well point (to drain said lake) and here we wait until things dry up a bit. If you'd like, feel free to email me and I'd be happy to share whatever info I have. Best of luck.

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Thanks inthedrink and aceman. I am ordering some samples from both tomorrow.

Did both of you do travertine coping as well?

We have not decided on a pool 100% yet nor our builder yet but we have recieved quotes (for a larger pool) but we are rethinking some of our idea, needs, etc. your builder you chose inthedrink is indeed a fabulous one. I know you will be anxious to get that water out.

Thanks again,

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We are planning on using a different colored travertine for the coping. We want a bullnose so swim suits don't get torn up and it's still cool enough to sit around on the edge. Water is still it only looks like someone turned on 3 hoses instead of 6. Progress....I guess.

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We used travertine for the pavers, coping, and waterline tile. The pavers are set on sand over concrete. Concrete pavers can get very hot in the sun - travertine pavers stay relatively cool.

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I lucked up and found 15 pallets of Belgard bergerac for $1.60/sq. ft...I then used Peacock pavers (pre-cast concrete made to look like travertine) for the is a picture of both together...the Belgard warehouse is just south of Atlanta so I would try and call them for specials on liquidation.

Good luck!

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Stkgator, what color plaster do you have to make that water color? Love it. We're using beige travertine. Is that noce you have? I think the water looks great with the deck.


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nypoolnovice - sorry for the very late reply:

The travertine I believe is called "Gold", we used the same color for the decking, waterline, and coping.

The plaster is StoneScapes Midnight Blue Mini Pebble. I originally thought the color would be too dark - but I am glad we picked it as it makes the pool look more ocean-like in color.

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