Green Roof?!? Help!?!?

AlexBrewerJanuary 23, 2014

So, first off, I didn't know where to put this post, I didn't see a roof section.

Anyways, my problem is: I'm 18, I'm moving to Philadelphia with my mom in March and she has yet to pick a house. I would love to live in the city and she would too but there's only one town house that she's even considering that isn't deep in the suburbs. The reason she feels we cant live in the city is because we have a dog. This town house she's looking at has no back yard and there's no way she and I could take him on a walk multiple times a day.


Here's the catch, there's a roof deck! I was thinking that we could do a green roof up there for the doggy!

What I'm wondering is: How hard would it be to do? How much would it cost? Would it work for the dog? Would there be anything wrong with doing that?

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It's going to smell, but if you can live with that - don't do a roof deck without consulting an engineer. In DC we HAVE to bring an engineer in on roof decks and it's not a stupid rule.

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