Ordinary vs. Pro Line Insinkerator disposals

Michele222November 4, 2013

I have become aware that ISE offers a line of disposals sold through plumbing and heating professionals.

The Pro Line seems to offer a longer warranty. Would any of you know if the pro Line is superior in other ways to the models seen for sale on popular sites and mentioned in various forums here?


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I have decided to leave the choice of a garage disposal up to the family plumber. He did not really explain whether a pro line one is better than the regular lines but the pro line Insinkerators are the ones he buys.

Our last GD was a pro line ISE and it did very well by us.

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The pro models have longer warranties than the corresponding consumer versions; there is a low-profile near-top-of-the-line model (1000LP) that intrudes less into your cabinet (particularly useful for deep sinks), and the top-line model is a bit more powerful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Insinkerator Pro disposers

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Yes, we got the top of the line XL. The 1.1 HP one. It is very quiet.

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