Need installation advice for acrylic panels on top of pergola

danni_in_pdxJanuary 15, 2014

We just replaced a rotten deck with a new one (500 sq ft) with a simple pergola composed of massive cedar beams (which I love). But we live in Oregon and need it to be covered and bc it is often gray here, I want to add a 'roof' of clear plastic panels so we can be outside even when the weather is wet. I am thinking hard about 4' x 8' x1/4" clear acrylic panels. But I can't get my regular guy to install for months, and I am pretty handy and want to do it, but honestly, I can't really find instructions anywhere. I will need to screw the panels into the top of the cedar beams. I need to figure out how to raise the side closest to the house with something (silicone bumpers? do they exist?) Do I try to have all 12 panels cut to size at the source or do I try to cut on site? I've been looking here for someone who has done this and not found anything similar. I'd really appreciate pics or advice from someone who has done this: flat (ish) roof on cedar pergola. Super appreciate it. dm

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That stuff is really expensive. And you'll need to get the kind that is rated for UV exposure. Most folks use the thin corrugated acrylic sheets for what you're doing.

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Danni, I'm trying to find a contractor for a pergola. Would like to know whatever you can tell me about the acrylic sheet you've found. Price?

Are plexiglass and acrylic the same?

Agree about it needing to be rated for UV exposure.

Will appreciate hearing from you.


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