Adding porch to existing roof

tnladyhillbillyJanuary 26, 2007

I am building a home and had trusses built for the main portion of the home but will be stick building the front porch. I have designed and built the home to the point of dry in and roofing but cant find any info on how to construct the front porch roof. This must be done before I can put the shingles on the roof. The porch is 16ft long and 8ft wide.The pitch on the main roof is 6/12. The porch will be gabled on the 16ft outer edge. The home is a one story ranch style. The main roof has been trussed with sheathing and rolled roofing paper applied.

Does anyone have information or a website addy or a book suggestion that would tell me how to go about adding the porch onto the already sheathed main roof?

Something with a diagram or very detailed description would be great.

Thanks, Sheila

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Do you have a framing carpenter or are you doing this yourself? A framer will be intimate with the job at hand.
If the gabled end on the porch is at a right angle to the existing ridge on your home all you'll have to do is determine the ridge height and bring it back level to the existing decking from your last two commons. Block between the house commons beneath the decking and fasten when attaching the ridge and the jacks. Once completed you'll end up with valleys on either side. Then paper, flash, and shingle.
I'm sure at Home Depot or Lowe's you can find a book on framing. Cutting rafters is simply basic Geometry.

See ya,

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