River Flow vs Endless Pools Fastlane

lascatxMarch 16, 2011

We are about to have our pool replastered and retiled. I came across the Fastlane and was looking into adding it to our pool while we are doing the new finish so we can wall mount it. The folks who are going to do our plaster say they have done the Badu and recommend it. I've looked at it and it is not what I want, but I also saw the Riverflow in the process of searching for more info.

It looks like the Riverflow and the Fastlane both generate a current rather than shoot a stream of water and bubbles at you. One mounts on the wall and one goes inside the wall. Looks like Fastlane will run me about $6000 in their preseason sale while Riverflow says $9000 and the installation costs sound like they will be higher too (they have to cut 3 large holes in the wall of the pool to install the system), but I don't have figures on that yet.

Anyone here have experience with either of these systems -- especially installing them into an existing pool. Any idea what the cost of installing them into an existing pool would be?

I'm finally satisfied with someone to do our pool finish, but they haven't done either of these. I really don't want to start over again.

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We purchased the Fastlane for your pool and liked it alot.
Unfortunately we are loosing our home and thought you might want to purchase it. They are very easy to install and if the pool is already in you can run the lines on top of the pool deck. Endless Pools had a cap you can buy to cover them or you can run a piece of PVC just under the deck if it hasn't been poured. Very easy to take in/out of the pool. Definitely interested in selling it.
Let me know if you are interested - Thanks - Don

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Don, you didn't activate an email link and when I went an looked for one I noticed you just joined today. I would only be interested if I can verify it's age with Endless Pools, that it is still under warranty, they would transfer the warranty, that your unit would work in my pool (I've been talking with them and have been told each one is custom built and my mounting bracket might need modification to fit the curved wall) and I could have it checked out locally (Houston area). I have no idea where in the US you are located. If it did all check out, I might be interested.

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