the warm and fuzzies for christmas

cindyandmochaDecember 18, 2009

So just to create a fun thread.. and the warm and fuzzies for christmas... last night, I went to bed late. As everyone here knows by now, I have 3 really big dogs... one I've had since he was 8 wks old (my braniac mocha - thus my screenname), rusty I got at 3 yrs, and ginger I got at 6 months.

They are all pushing 8 to 10 yrs old now.

So last night, Mocha jumps up in bed with me (using the outdoor footstool I put there beside the bed for him), and jumped into the middle of our king-sized bed (he is 87 lbs).

He proceeded to put his head on my right arm (I sleep on my right side), bury his nose into my neck, put his feet on my hips for leverage and attempt to roll his big butt onto his back between me and my husband, and then throw his paw around my neck, thereby choking me as he snuggled as tight as he could possibly get like the 8 wk old pup he was when I first got him.

I have to admit, I was kinda overwhelmed at how sweet he was really being. Then he proceeded to snore -- in rythym with my husband (it was like a 3 stooges concert) into my throat. But I didn't dare ask him to move. It was just too sweet and comfy. It really gave me the warm fuzzies.

Heh, I'm amazed at what I put up with, and amazed that its the small things in life that just are really cool. It's not money, its not a fancy car, its just a loving pup snuggling close at night.

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awww! what a sweet vision that imparts.

my 2 dane girls sleep with me in a queen size bed. they aren't content to just sleep with me, they both have to be touching me. i always have a total of 280# of warm fuzzies snuggling with me. swee' pea, my newest rescue girl, loves to curl up next to me and positions herself so that her head is on my pillow. when i think of her life before i got her, that being out in the cold with nobody to snuggle with, i feel such joy that she has become so trusting and seeks out my attention.

another big advantage, i can turn the furnace WAY down at night!! :)

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Our warm and fuzzy calico, Feliz, loves to snuggle. First she licks to get you to move your head on the pillow, then she positions herself so she can slide down your body, grabbing the blanket as she descends, puts her head on the pillow and starts to purr. Well, why not purr--she has the pillow, most of the covers, and a human mattress warmer! I'll lay there for hours, not moving so as not to disturb the cat. Oh, yes, I'm trained . . . .

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On cold nights, brother and sister cats Basil and Sally each snuggle on one side of me, bodies under the covers, heads on the pillow. They each insist on "their" particular side and will snarl at each other if their turf is invaded. It is so warm and cosy!

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Love the stories!

CindyandMocha: I can relate to the 'don't move - cannot risk disturbing the sleeping dog or cat...!'

I have four cats, but only one sleeps on the bed each night on my feet and occassionally, the other male will snuggle with me too.

But, my 18 year old girl who passed away two years ago this month (my special kitty), would wake me up several times during the night by tapping me on the nose with her paw. She would do this so I would wake up, and put her into the nook of my arm. Then, she would curl up, purr up a storm and lick my face until she fell asleep.

She had CRF (and other health issues) so would consantly be up and down all night to go potty. So, I would be woken up everytime --- all night long -- this way by her, because she wanted to sleep in the crook of my arm and be pulled close to me when she was done with potty. I didn't get great sleep for the few years she was ill, but it was so worth it. I still miss her every day.

Like you said, it's the small things in life that give us the greatest joy.

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I kind of pride myself on being a "practical" person. So I was suprised that I really just lay there and take it - the inconvenience, my arm falling asleep, the snoring.. etc etc. But honestly? I really did get that "warm fuzzy" feeling (not just all that FUR). He was just like a clingy 8 wk old pup again and has been doing it every night.... And I put up with it every night.

My brother made a comment a few weeks ago, "you know Cindy, when those animals pass, you really need to have fewer dogs and not replace them". Ugggh.. I love him and he's older and wise, but not exactly "Dr. Phil".

1. I wouldn't be "replacing" them - they are all different.

2. I**** decide how many dogs I will or won't have, how much fur, and how big.

3. Who does it inconvenience beside me?? No one really, and its not an inconvenience considering what they give back to me. They use a doggy-door to a privacy fenced 1/2 acre back yard and NEVER fight over food. The floor is heated tile, so it's not like there is fur on the carpet. Frankly, its a very cheap alarm system. No one is breaking into a home with 3 large dogs.

I know Mocha, Rusty, and Ginger can't live forever. I'm resigned to the fact that dogs have a shorter lifespan than humans (I like to think that they are just "doing time" with us, teaching us what they can while they are here, and then move on to a greater reward or another job). However, my husband have already decided that after these 3, we'll likely go with a Bernese or Pyr (Pyr Rescue is inundated in our area). And of course I will wind up with 2, because they need a companion.. lol... and the cycle goes on and on and on.

Ahhh.. us "pet people".. we can't help ourselves ;)

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Love the silly sleepy pet stories ...

I got the same type of comment from my mother years ago. My first cat died shortly after I moved to a house in the country, less than 2 months later, my second oldest cat died. I was a mess! My mother told me I shouldn't get more pets because I love all of them too much, and it's too hard for me when they pass on after their short years with me.

Guess I showed her! LOL, I'm now a home to 5 cats and 2 dogs!

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You know, I get that from people too. Plus, when one cat gets sick/old and requires regular care, you hear, 'Oh just put him to sleep!'. Guess I better never get sick or old!

I decided a long time ago that I require pets in my life to be happy. I think cats (or dogs...) make your home feel like a home. I would not enjoy a pet-less life and never want to have that experience.

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pam and saint you both said a mouthful - I would sorely miss that click click click of nails across the tile every day.

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