BM Advance yellowing ??

tbo123March 9, 2014

Any info on this topic is pretty hard to find. At least for me.
BM Advance is a water based alkyd and so it has been said that it may/could/does yellow. especially using white.

I'm thinking of using this paint (white) on my Kitch cabs as it seems to level the best. However I'm concerned about touch ups and a difference in color over time.

Funny thing (to me) is, BM has a sort of tutorial on their site for repainting kitch cabs and they use white advance. Maybe they don't know it yellows.

Or, is this whole "yellowing" thing so negligent that it doesn't matter? Is it like a 30 year thing or a 5 year thing?

Has anyone had experience with this "yellowing" of Advance?

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The paint forum may be the place to ask as well. They helped me out a lot on choices.

I tried BM advance and Cabinet Coat- also from BM. I LOVED how the Cabinet Coat went on. Amazing leveling and rock hard finish. I painted a vanity cabinet for practice and was very impressed. I plan to brush/roll mine and wanted something that leveled out well. The Advance was a close second but CC looked even nicer and I found it nice to work with! I think any painted cab may need touch ups from time to time. If done carefully it should be hardly noticeable.

Here is my vanity door done in Cabinet coat

As far as yellowing, not sure on that. I'm going with a bit of a yellower white and I think they all can tend to yellow slightly. I know there was a lot of discussion on the paint forum on this topic if you do a search.

Good luck with your project.

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I have read it yellows and does not take long. Months? Sorry no link but some reading on pro sites should surface it.

I believe I was told by BM that Fine Paints of Europe water based alkyd does not yellow.

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The doors in the pictures weren't sprayed?

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That looks great Kooooops . I tried CC but didnâÂÂt like the coverage or the sheen (too glossy).
Actually, I was thinking my can was a return that somene filled up with water. It was pretty thin. But, now that I think about it, the water would have dulled the sheenâ¦.hmm..
It did flow out quite well, better than Advance. Did BM tint the CC for you?

I've also tried water based Impervo. went on like pancake batter.

Also tried Target 6500 (sprayed). They can't get the coloring of BM simply white correct though.

I posted in Paint also..

Thanks snookums. IâÂÂve got a door painted with advance. Probably been like 2 months. Still looks good. Yea, my brain is died from gooooglingâ¦

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No, those are brushed and foam roller. I was shocked at the end finish. We have sprayed many things in the history of our DIY ventures with an HVLP gun. Unfortunately we don't have the space or set up to spray in this house so I planned to do it by hand. My husband knows I am generally a skilled painter/perfectionist but was not thrilled at the idea of me brush painting. Then he saw the finished product and couldn't believe it!

I mostly credit the paint, CC is amazing stuff!

Yes, the CC paint is thin- I thought it was not going to work and to be honest when I brushed and rolled it on it did not look great at first- but I just walked away and when I came back.....WOW. It leveled out so nicely and looked nearly flawless.

I found it only slightly shinier than Advance. I did have to do 3 coats and I sanded lightly in between. I think the photo is after 2 coats. The coats went on quickly though. I used BM Fresh Start primer.

Yes, BM tinted the CC for me. At first the guy made a mistake and tinted it wrong. But when I went back and they fixed it, the Advance LInen white and the CC Linen white were exactly the same to my naked eye.

I painted those last fall and they have held up perfectly to date- however it's in a minimally used bathroom which obviously can't compare to a kitchen.

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This is from the Fine Paints of Europe frequently asked questions page:

"Q: White enamels always yellow in my kitchen. Why does this happen and how can I prevent it in the future?

A: White alkyd paints, even great alkyd paints such as Hollandlac and Eco, will yellow in the absence of abundant ultraviolet light. Dark rooms create an environment in which yellowing occurs quite rapidly. This is especially troublesome in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, in which a yellowed painted finish presents an unacceptable contrast to white enamel appliances. The only alternative is to utilize Eurolux Acrylic, which is non-yellowing under all circumstances. Eurolux White will provide an ideal solution to your yellowing problem."

So maybe the FPoE Eurolux Acrylic would work for you if you definitely want a white paint that will stay white.

I've also heard great things about CC durability and ease of application, but I'm not sure whether or not the white will yellow through time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fine Paints of Europe FAQs

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Thanks for the responses.

penitent. That Q and A seems a little confusing in that the question refers to enamels and the answer refers to alkyds. There are latex enamels and now latex alkyds hence my confusion in general.

I think I would prefer an acrylic but they are just so user unfriendly. Never heard of Fine Paints of Europe and there are no dealers nearby.

IâÂÂm going to experiment with CC tomorrow. Maybe I can topcoat it with a satin poly. It is a urethane paint after all.

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BM here sells FPE. It's a pricey high end paint and finish.

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I absolutely swear by Cabinet Coat.
If you use that, and its sister adhesive primer, STIX, it goes on like buttah. Sooo smooth.

Cabinet Coat can only be had in very light colors. It was initially made for trim. I've had different things tinted for Cabinet Coat, and it's fabulous. After doing my kitchen cabinets with it, I'll never use anything else.

I was worried when BM bought them from Inslx, but so far, so good.

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Wow Kooops!!! That's impressive! I need to repaint my kitchen cabinets and dont want to reuse the SW Proclassic. It does go on smooth, but your primer coat has to be glass smooth first, and its a little hard to work with. Also, my cabinets are birch slab ( can you say 60s), and the lack of grain and trim makes imperfections more noticeable.

What type of roller did you use, and did you brush the frames/stiles and roll the panel?

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Thanks! I used high density foam rollers, both a 2" and a 4". I also used a high quality 2" angle brush. I think it was 2".

For my doors I brushed the edges and the inset of the raised panel piece and then immediately rolled the stiles, rails and flat raised panel section to blend them in. I also rolled around the outside edges a bit, but was very careful to not cause build up or drips to the underside. In other words, don't use too much paint or put too much pressure on your roller.

I wish I had pictures of what it looked like at that point. It's scary- it did not look good. But don't overdo it and just walk away. I came back and it had leveled out very nicely. Of course the doors were able to lay flat, improving its ability to level. The vanity frame that I painted does show more brush strokes although I tried to use the foam roller as much as possible there as well.

Upon very close inspection you cannot see any brush strokes and very little roller stippling on the doors. I did lightly sand with super super fine sand paper in between each coat.

Overall it was not that time consuming, although I only did 2 doors. But the anxiety over wanting it to look as perfect as possible slows me down as I tend to overthink things. I have had all of my cabinets labeled for months and thought through the logistics of the job but still have yet to move forward. Now we're having an addition put on and I don't want to paint around dust!

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We are planning to use BM Advance. The clerk at BM said it wouldn't yellow. We painted a table with it a few weeks ago, and it turned out beautifully! No brush strokes, hard and scrubbable finish. It's too soon to see if it will yellow.

They don't sell Cabinet Coat at our BM stores

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