LED can lights hum

MNexlurkerMarch 7, 2013

We finally got our LED can lights hooked up. Have a slight hum when dimming them. I can only hear it when the house is super quite. Is this normal?

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Are the dimmer switches compatible with LED lights?

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Yes, I believe they are. We purchased them from lighting store and saleperson made sure correct ones ,even double , triple checked order.
The electrician put them in this AM while I was at work, We have a GREAT electrician who even gave us pointers on numerous things before and after he started job, DH doing most of the electrical work - outlets, plugmolds, undercounter lights and upper cabinet lights. We have a 1910 home which has mostly the knob and tube which DH uncomfortable dealing with hence hiring him for that ,otherwise I am sure he would have not put them in and would have left a note.

I have acute hearing and sense of smell so maybe most do not hear the hum. DH will not be able to hear it.

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It might be a defective switch - we had one that hummed and flickered - turned out the switch was defective.

I am sure I could hear it and it would drive me crazy!!

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Maybe they don't know the words...

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OMG weedmeister I laughed until I cried

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12gemini - had not thought about defective possibility. - Maybe-
weedmeister- you made my day ! along with mountaineergirl. LOL
Can always count on gwers to know and have some fun.


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ours hum, too. i thought they all do.

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Our cans are up and first group is wired in. Took longer than I thought, but I just love them. No humming. Check the listing forum. My guess is that the switch is not compatible. We are using Ecosmart CR6 bulbs in 6" Halo cans, with Lutron dimmers (150v).

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LED dimmers I was looking at -- Lutron -- have a "compatible bulb" list. From my research so far, not all LED bulb brands are compatible with all dimmers. Also, I'd check the cans as well to be sure the right bulb is being used.

I'm planning to retrofit all our dimmers as we have cans in every room. Found this to be tricky since these bulbs are "emerging" technology (not to mention some are completely hideous). I've had a few defective bulbs as well so I stay with the Lowe's Utilitech since they will exchange them.

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I did what rococogurl did, but the other way around. Ecosmart is made by Cree. On the Cree website there's a list of dimmers compatible with the LED's. I used an approved Lutron dimmer, and it doesn't buzz or hum or click. (Only my Kitchenaid Induction cooktop does all that.)

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No humming, but I can tell you if you try an LED in a regular motion sensor, despite my electrician's vehement "it can't happen because the circuit is broken", they flicker.

I've had humming with flourescent, of course.
With a regular incandescent bulb I had a switch hum when it was defective. But it was also heating up terribly.

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off topic, but I have an outdoor motion sensor light (Heath/Zenith?) and when it is off, it is not off in that the incandescent bulb glows slightly. It has an 'easy-on/easy-off' feature.

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DH Finally heard the hum tonight. I wil get him to read all your posts hopefully tonight.

Super busy weekend --Some of our custom built cabinets are coming tonight and we will be painting them bright early in AM. We are lucky and have a very talented nephew - cabinet maker so that makes them even more special.

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Exciting - but check out the switches - I didn't want any tunes playing in my kitchen other than what I play on my toys.

Can you send your nephew my way when done - I am ready to tackle bathrooms.

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