How deep for a shelf?

jfitz0807March 10, 2010

We are finalizing the design for a pool in the Boston area. We will have a "sun shelf" or "baja shelf" or whatever you want to call it, but we want it primarily as a wading area for my small nephews (one is 3 and the other was just born last week) to play in. What would be a good depth? We are thinking of having it about 12" at the pool edge going to about 18" at the other end. The shelf is about 12' wide and it's about 6' from pool edge to the end of the shelf. The depth change will occur along the 6' axis.

Are we too deep? Not deep enough? Too sharp of a grade?

Thanks for the help.

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My suggestion is placing it at either 6" or 18" of water with no slope.
Either depth is good for the little tikes.
12" isn't good for either the entry/exit rise or for the next steps rises either.

Thanks for supporting the industry with your new pool purchase, you'll soon find out what all the Hoopla of pool ownership is all about. Trust me on this, it's a lot more than just the swimming. Everything in my life of raising 4 children revolved around our swimming pools. I don't say this just because I'm a pool guy, I'm a pool kind of guy.


See ya

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Both of our tanning ledges have been 6" deep and sloping to 8" deep. It's such a gradual slope but helps keep the dirt off. If it's flat it's not too difficult to just sweep off the dirt. We have friends that their kids can not swim so that's why we did a large shelf. We added bubblers to add some interest and break up a large area. You'll enjoy it.

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We just designed our pool with a builder and put a large tanning ledge in the shallow end. After talking with him and listening to his 30 years of pool building experience we are going with 18" water depth with no slope.

Our use of the shelf will be sitting in beach chairs, dogs and one day down the road grand children.

Hope this helps!

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Has anyone added a plastic tanning shelf that has to be removed for the winter in a vinyl pool? They have plastic steps that has to be weighted down, how about a tanning shelf?
Please help because I would really like one.

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